Professor E. Blair, Head of House
Swim along, Cetus!
Mon Apr 28, 2014 20:49

“OY, CETI FIRSTIES! C’mon over here!”

Currently, Estelle was standing on top of her chair, the best position at which to observe the small cluster of first-years now making their way over from the blue bonfire. By the time the new students had gathered around her, though, she had hopped back to the floor, her habitual dragonhide combat boots smacking down with a pleasant thunk, to reveal that she wasn’t much taller than them. In fact, some of the first-years this term were even taller than her. The Australian witch was a very short woman – deceptively short, considering the volume of her greeting shout across the Diner. Let it never be said that her height made her unnoticeable!

Absently rumpling up cropped brown hair with one hand, she flashed Liam a quick grin before turning her complete attention onto the waiting young Cetis. “G’day, lads! My name is Estelle Blair; that’s Miss Blair or Professor Blair to you.” For her first few terms teaching at RMI, Estelle had found it pretty weird to introduce herself as a Professor, feeling that the title carried weight and prestige she hadn’t really earned, but by now she’d grown better accustomed to it and it was more of a comfortable weight. “You’ll be seeing a lot of me during your time at Rocky Mountain, because I’m the Head of Cetus House as well as your Cultural Studies professor. But right now, we’ve got a pile of things to cover, so let’s get moving!” From the pocket of her navy formal robes – which she normally didn’t wear, but again, it was another one of those changes she’d felt obliged to make, this now being her fourth year of teaching – Estelle withdrew her slim wand and gave it a sharp flick.

With a muttered Incantatem, her octopus Patronus sprang to life, the beast’s long, silvery tentacles drifting lazily overhead. She couldn’t hold back a grin at the familiar sight, brown eyes turning involuntarily to the matching black tattoo across the back of her right hand, inky coils winding around her fingers. “Stay close, now, and I’ll take you down to your new home. I know I’m just a smidge shorter than the other professors,” she remarked with obvious sarcasm, thinking of all the staff and students here who so easily surpassed her miniature frame, “so if you lose sight of me, then follow the octopus!” Nodding firmly, the witch spun around, the ends of her robes whipping across her legs, and led her troops out of the Finer Diner. Consistently throughout their walk she made sure to peek over her shoulder and confirm that none of them were straggling too far behind, as well as loudly calling out the directions as they went like any tour guide. “See that portrait? The man with the top hat? Remember him! That’s where we’re making our first turn. Hook a right down this side hall...”

OOC: Greetings, firsties! At this point you do not have to end any of your Opening Feast conversations, as this post takes place after the feast is over. You are also not required to reply to this post, although of course, you can if you want to. This post is continued in the Cetus commons. See you there!

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