Professor L. West, Head of House
Fly this way little Aquilas!
Mon Apr 28, 2014 21:46

“Aquila first years!”

Liam found himself shouting over the ruckus of the Opening Feast. He enjoyed watching all the students mingle and watching the news flitter over to their respected house fires. It had been the middle of last term that Liam had taken over the Aquila Head of House position and he had to admit that he was more than excited to show the first years to where they would be staying for the next seven terms of their school years.

“First year Aquilas! Gather over this way.”

Once Liam was fairly sure that all of the young children were gathered around him (good lord were they that small?), Liam nodded his head and glanced at them. He was slightly nervous, it wasn’t every day that you filled shoes that Chris Miles had left behind. Although Liam had known the man for a short time, the professor came to understand that there was a legacy with that his predecessor had left behind. Liam only hoped he could do it justice.

“Ho there little ones,” he said, his soft English lilt accenting his voice. “My name is Liam West, which will be Professor West to all of you. I’m your Head of House as well as the Foretelling Arts professor and I look forward to seeing all of you at some point in my class.” Liam had taken brief notes over his few years at RMI, it seemed that many faces showed up to his class at first, curiosity getting the better of them. They never stayed though, no one did. “I’m sure you don’t want to listen to me all night so let’s head on out.”

With that, the tall man started off towards the Aquila Common Room, pointing out important things that the students would need to remember in order to find their own way back. He knew a few of them would get lost even with the directions, they always did, but even then some older student would point them where they needed to go. As they made their way towards their destination, Liam kept throwing glances over his shoulder, making sure that he hadn’t lost any of the small kids. It really wouldn’t look great if he lost one in the first few days he was in charge of them.

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