HoH Garen Tennant
Come along, new Lyras!
Tue Apr 29, 2014 14:57

It was already an excellent school year. Garen was back, and since they’d been down a Quidditch Coach with Bailey Shepard’s departure, Gaston was back too. The two of them plus Addi made Garen feel like things were normal, in spite of the major staff upheaval.

Dinner was delicious. Andrew was delighted by sitting on the floor and seeing house-elves and meeting the staff. Granted, he’d made a mess with the spaghetti, but it was a quick fix and Kizzy was more than happy to escort the sauce-splotched three-year-old back to the Tennants’ rooms in the Administrative Quarters. “So nice to be having you home again, Master Garen!” she squeaked. Garen agreed and said how nice it was to see her again, and Kizzy tut-tutted the compliment away and took a very curious Andrew out of the Finer Diner.

It was nice to have family at the school. When they’d been married, Aaron had been at Sonora, and while Garen had had Melody with him for a little while, it wasn’t the same. Being a family here with Andrew felt right. And he was holding onto the secret knowledge—Garen and Jessie had known for a few weeks, but Garen hadn’t passed it on yet—that in April, he’d have baby #2 to spoil and introduce to RMI.

But April was seven and some months away. Tonight he had to dig through memory to see if he still remembered the “Welcome to RMI/Lyra House” spiel he’d performed for six years in a row five years ago.

As the evening’s main event drew to a close, Garen approached the green Lyra bonfire, put two fingers in his mouth, and whistled loudly to draw the students’ attention. The director wasn’t fond of magical amplification, so he projected his voice rather than using a Sonorus Charm. “Welcome back, upperclassmen, and welcome to Lyra, first-years. For those of you who don’t know me, my name is Garen Tennant—I’m your Head of House, but also the guidance counselor, and a consulting director for RMI’s theater department. If you’re not a first-year, stay put. Firsties, you need to follow me so I can show you where you’ll be living for the next few years.”

Once the first-years had all—and there certainly weren’t many of them—wrapped things up, Garen led them out of the Finer Diner towards the Lyra Common Room. As he walked tour-guide style (backwards, so that he could look at them while he talked, and make sure he didn’t lose any of the eleven-year-olds), Garen pointed out landmarks to the students so that they could remember the way from their Commons to the dining hall and vice versa. When they arrived at a blank bit of wall between two paintings, the brown-eyed man stopped.

A quick head-count showed that Garen had not, in fact, lost any of his charges. Fantastic. “I know it doesn’t look like much, but this is the entrance to the Common Room. It’s disguised like this so members of the other Houses won’t find it and try to break in—which, believe it or not, some people would definitely do.” He wouldn’t put it past a few members of Aquila, really. “You’ve probably heard by now that Lyra is the artsy house, and that’s definitely true in the case of getting into the Common Room. Most of the Houses have a password to get in, but it works a little differently for us.”

Garen turned to the wall and sang a line from a song by some British band. “Our house, in the middle of our street…” The area between the paintings widened and opened to reveal the passage that led into the Lyra Commons. All of them could hear the next line of the song coming from the doorway, as though the melody were being played on a piano.

Once the entryway was fully open, the director turned to the new Lyras. “The sheet music for the tune you just heard is hanging on the bulletin board inside. The passtune will change every few weeks—you need it to enter the Common Room, so don’t give it out to members of other Houses. You can sing it, whistle it, hum it—anything you want. If you’re close enough to the song—it doesn’t have to be perfectly on pitch, so don’t worry about that—the door’ll open.

“Go on into the Commons, so you can sit down and stuff. I still have a lot of things left to talk about, so get comfortable.” Garen ushered the firsties into the Common Room, waiting until the last of them had entered before following through the entryway.

[OOC: Even though this speech has been posted, the Opening Feast isn’t over! Feel free to continue your threads at the feast. This speech just means that you can post on other boards, like the Lyra Commons, the Quidditch Pitch, the Theater, etc. You don’t need to reply to this post unless you want to—it’ll be continued in the Lyra Common Room, where Garen will be taking your student’s new-to-school questions/comments/concerns.]

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