Beka Hiemer [TAG: ALL]
Wed Apr 30, 2014 19:03

Beka woke much to early for her head to be in descent shape. She thought that she had perhaps gone a little to far on the back-to-school-so-let's-stay-up-as-late-as-possible-(in-the-dormitories-because-the-teachers-are-still-on-high-alert-for-mayhem) idea. The fact that it really had been quite a horrid idea to begin with didn't cross Beka's poor, aching mind. (One would think that the more horrid ideas that Beka got the better she would be able to recognize the next one when it came along, but alas, to her friends' woe, this was not the case.) In fact, despite her poor, aching head, Beka had gotten one such idea into her mind for the second year of school-a little 'Welcome back!' present as it were.

Beka reminded (deadpan piously) to whatever gods existed, that she had earned this with her own money, working her backside off in the process. Her mother not willing to get Beka jokeshop items out of the goodness of her heart (being perhaps a little to well aquanted with Beka's more...mischievous side) she had flat out refused to give Beka a trip to the jokeshop for any type of holiday, occasion, or puppy-dog eyes (though Beka had to admit, she was fairly terrible at that last category.) Beka, perhaps surprising an answer out of her mother, asked if she could work for the money to buy a joke shop item herself. Afterwards, Beka realized that her mother had probably thought that she would give up on the second or third task. Setting a price on every task she did, her mother had smugly sent her off to repair the roof and go do all the grocery shopping- yes you have to walk to town- for the next few weeks. It would certainly explain the surprised expression she had worn when Beka had completed each task impecably. It wasn't as though Beka never worked before, it was only that the jobs she had done were simple, and quickly completed. ('Fold the laundrey Beka, wash the dishes Beka, go feed the chickens Beka...')

Her hard work had paid off, however, as Beka had recieved the money she was due, with a grudging intrest and perhaps a slight smile. And it had been enough. Beka forgave her headache a little, pulling on sneakers and grapping a packet full of colerful rubber, but leaving her pajamas, hair, and face the way it was. Using the secret passage out of the Aquila dorm (She knew that would come in useful!) she came out near the Finer Diner, and slipped in, thanking the Deities that had listened to her plee that it seemed nobody was there. She had hoped to catch a crowd of exhausted teachers by surprise- tired out by dealing with a gang of children for a week.

Moving around as silently as was humanly possible...for Beka....she slipped one of the little rubber packages onto the seats laid out around the table of the Diner. There had been a breathless moment when a house elf passed through, humming (Shoot, she had forgotten about the house elves!) but it didn't look down into her shell-shocked face (she had hid under a table) so she supposed all that ends well...

Her face a bright red from holding her breath as long as she did, she slipped back out of the Finer Diner with a now-empty plastic bag. Almost giving herself a way by tripping over a rug of a carpet, she rushed bag into the passageway that she had emerged from, leaned against the wall, and caught her breath. The rest of the way back to the Aquila dorm was uneventful, and slipped into bed (her sneakers still on) mentally reminding herself not to sit in one of the chairs of the Finer Diner today.

OOC: On each seat of each of the chairs of the Finer Diner is woopie cushion (fully loaded, as it were) with a pre-made jokeshop charm on them. Everyone who sits on one (in addition to the flatulent side effects) will either be unable to talk or fall in love with the first person they see. Keep in mind their are only about five whoopie cushions for each category, so if you exceed the limit or don't want to act strangely you can join a thread of already embarrassed characters (though it's usually more fun to have your character do stupid things.)

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      Kejan was always awake by dawn. It was a routine she followed diligently over her term breaks at home; having set the morning out of the way, the rest of her day was then opened up into a broad span... more
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