Krystal Baitman
Sat May 3, 2014 01:34

“M'ok,” Krystal responded. Occasionally, she would drop things into conversations by accident that other people found shocking, not really realising how controversial they were because, for her, they were normal. Though, over the years, she'd learnt to be a bit more guarded about the contents of her family life. If you let on that your mum's boyfriends came and went in pretty quick succession, for example... well, people had quite a few names for your mum after that. She also wasn't massively into sharing her feelings with others, and definitely not with people she didn't know. If people knew your weak spots, they'd tease you about them. It was better to keep up a tough exterior. Although usually, when something was bothering her, it was obvious in the frequency with which her temper spilt over.

She cast around for something more to say. She didn't really want to bring up summer and what people had done as she'd either not have much to say or have to lie about it. She wasn't about to tell someone she'd skulked around alone like a loser for three months. Glancing down, she noticed Brielle's empty plate.

“You not eating nuffin?” she queried, “I mean, I wouldn't blame you. A load of the food is proper weird but there's normal stuff too, like pizza,” she explained encouragingly.

  • Late Acceptance Last YearBrielle Hawkins, Sat Apr 26 20:29
    "I'm alright, thanks," Brielle replied with a small smile, then looked back to the bonfire. Even though she'd said the fire was nice, she was just trying to start up a conversation. The gray flame... more
    • Ahh — Krystal Baitman, Sat May 3 01:34
      • Re: AhhBrielle Hawkins, Thu May 8 19:46
        "Nah, not hungry," Brielle lied. The truth was, she was hungry, but all summer in her foster home, Evan had made fun of her for eating a lot while going through her growth spurt. Typically, these... more
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