Kašpar Szyszko (Aquila)
It's a wonderful world!
Sat May 3, 2014 12:27

“Woooo!” Kašpar loudly cheered, calloused palms smacking together solidly while the flock of new firstie students dispersed to their respective bonfires. He’d had a surprising amount of fun being a mentor and had been hopeful that his time in the role would extend past the lone week of Orientation before term began, but that was probably going to be hard, now, since both of his firstie boys had been Sorted into different houses. However, like all negative emotions in the perpetually cheerful boy, the momentary disappointment he felt when he saw that their dreamcatchers weren’t grey had been quickly forgotten. Jace had gone off to Draco, which was the house belonging to his now-graduated older cousin Lyubov and therefore a totally respectable alternative to Aquila, and Alphonse “Vee” was now a Ceti… and come to think of it, the only Ceti whom Kašpar really knew was Carrick, but Carrick was an awesome Quidditch player, so that made it okay.

Quidditch affiliation remained pretty much the gold standard in Kašpar’s book.

With the firsties now settled, there was nothing particularly interesting left in the official part of the Opening Feast to hold the fourteen-year-old’s severely limited attention span, and so, easily tuning out whatever the Deputy Head might’ve had left to say, his wandering eyes moved instead onto the wide selection of food. All of it looked so tasty! All of it always looked tasty. The food at his home in Minsk was nice, but it was so predictable, the same standard Eastern cuisine he loved and was bored by in equal parts, and returning to RMI with its international kitchens was a welcome change for him. To his great relief the house-elves were soon scurrying about with offerings of this varied food, and the Pureblood waved one over immediately. “Zhat von, and some of zhat, and zhat - spasi!” he thanked the elf, quite happily accepting his requested plate of assorted goodies (a small pyramid of round sushi, two chocolate-frosted brownies and a Yorkshire pudding heavily laden with gravy) and balancing it on his knees.

Beside him, one of the new Aquila firsties spoke up, and he turned friendly hazel eyes onto the younger girl. “Da! It ees muchly big and amazing!” he agreed readily, thick Belarusian accent spilling lazily from his widely smiling mouth. “And it vill get muchly more amazing for you over zhe year, you vill see!” Picking up a roll of sushi with his fingers, he popped it into his mouth whole, accidentally sucking in a stray lock of white-blonde hair too while he was at it. “Pah.” He made a face and spit it out again, shaking it back to lie more in line with the rest of his long hair. “Sorry to be eating my hair in front of you. Zhat vas not po-leet, vas it?” He wasn’t the best judge of politeness and table manners, but spitting out the accidentally inhaled hair in front of a girl was probably rude - at least, it was the sort of thing he imagined his sister would whack him for, which usually meant he should apologize for it.

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    • It's a wonderful world! — Kašpar Szyszko (Aquila), Sat May 3 12:27
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