Kejan Szyszko
Oh, there's gonna be mayhem, all right.
Tue May 6, 2014 08:16

Kejan was always awake by dawn. It was a routine she followed diligently over her term breaks at home; having set the morning out of the way, the rest of her day was then opened up into a broad span waiting to be filled with any manner of work, and with this level of productivity accessible to her the Pureblood saw no reason not to maintain the habit once she returned to school. Besides, it was not only more productive but all-around more enjoyable. The early hours were the only time that her Minsk home was silent, the snores of her unruly brother (chaos incarnate and the source of all noise throughout the day) shut behind his bedroom door, all other inhabitants except the house-elves sleeping as well, and by now the elves knew better than to interrupt her valued solitary time. At RMI with its larger population, there was bound to be someone else awake when she left her dormitory, but even then it was usually just professors or the older students and it was easy for Kejan to find somewhere quiet for herself.

Currently in her quiet place, balanced on her left foot in one of the private practice rooms branching off the Lyra commons, the blonde swung her right leg around and brought it up to rest her heel lightly on the dance bar across the wall. The slight strain in the stretched muscle made for a pleasant accompaniment as she turned the page in Nature’s Nobility: A New Wizarding Genealogy of Northern Europe . Even she with her passion for diverse knowledge had expected the book to be at least slightly boring by its title alone, and indeed, the first few chapters were plain lists of names and dates without much texture behind them. But after that point, it delved into more detail, histories and backstories and oddly intriguing pieces of information that may have been facts or simply gossip turned into fact over time. It was fascinating, really. This wasn’t a book that she “had” to read (she wasn’t related to any Northern families, at least not to her awareness) and it was to her appreciative surprise to realize that picking up the genealogy had turned into a genuinely just-for-fun type of read.

By the time she reached the concluding paragraphs of chapter five, Patriarchal Patterns, she had completed a thorough stretching of both legs. Kejan opted to set the book aside temporarily and devoted the next hour to practicing her dance routines, lightly hopping steps and the whip of tight spins seeming to somehow embellish her internal reiterations of the collapse of the medieval Olafsson clan after they were cursed to have only daughters in a time period where women were essentially worthless in value for all but selling off to the highest bidder. Albeit mentioned only briefly in the chapter, it had triggered some different thoughts for her - namely, the parallel drawn between it and the current situation of her Kovalchuk relatives with Lyubov's upcoming installment as Head, and the question of whether a curse to bear only female children could be classified as Dark magic, and the more pressing matter altogether of whether her future betrothal could be ranked on the same level as the “selling off” of women. It was pretty much inevitable that she would have an arranged marriage, and she saw no problem with that, but the witch did not feel overly fond of how this book had worded it; yes, she would be married away for her family’s benefit, but that didn’t make her property.

And these thoughts were too deep to be had on an empty stomach. Kejan wasn’t a big eater (more by choice than anything else) but it was getting closer to that time when she wanted a little something from the Diner, so without further delay, she went back into her dormitory room to change into a proper dress and then swept off downstairs. Long white-blonde hair tied back in two neat braids and her little boots tapping primly beneath her skirts, she found this perfect image utterly disrupted when she sat down and the absolute rudest, un-ladylike sound came out. Caught by surprise, her cheeks reddened and she turned to apologize to the student seated beside her - except she had been suddenly struck mute, apparently. Between sounds that weren’t meant to happen but were and sounds that were supposed to be there but weren’t, not to mention the strange item she discovered on her seat, the fourteen-year-old put the pieces together to realize that this must have been a prank. ‘How dare you!’ Hazel eyes flashing dangerously at the student beside her (they were closest to her and thus the one responsible for this violation), Kejan struggled to find a way to convey her thoughts and settled on something equally rude and un-ladylike in the form of a hand gesture she probably wasn’t supposed to be aware existed, at least not by her family’s expectations.

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    • Oh, there's gonna be mayhem, all right. — Kejan Szyszko, Tue May 6 08:16
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