Brielle Hawkins
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Thu May 8, 2014 19:46

"Nah, not hungry," Brielle lied. The truth was, she was hungry, but all summer in her foster home, Evan had made fun of her for eating a lot while going through her growth spurt. Typically, these things didn't bother her. She'd gotten so used to everyone making fun of her for being a foster child or for her glasses or for hanging out with boys rather than girls (because girls were way too catty). She didn't care what people thought; but, from Evan, it hurt. More than it should have. "Not for any of this, at least.

She didn't want to stop eating altogether -- which she hadn't done because that's downright unhealthy -- but to tell the truth, she didn't see anything she liked. There was, as Krystal said, a whole lot of crap food here, and she had never been a big fan of pizza.

"What I really want, though," she thought out loud, "is corned beef and cabbage." It was her favorite; in being from Ireland originally, she'd grown up there -- until the age of 8 -- and loved the Irish cuisine. But, when she was sent to America, she had to leave it behind her. And, to a lot of contrary belief, the Irish pub and restaurant that was about 10 minutes away from the foster home did not sell actual Irish cuisine. It was what people thought of when they thought 'Irish' -- meat, potatoes, and a whole lot of alcohol.

"Yeah," Brielle continued, thinking about corned beef, "That sounds perfect." Her Irish accent rippled through her own ears overtop the rumbling of voices at the Aquila bonfire, and she looked at Krystal. "Pizza has never been that spectacular for me. I've eaten it at least three times a night for the past four years... It gets tiring after a while."

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    M'ok, Krystal responded. Occasionally, she would drop things into conversations by accident that other people found shocking, not really realising how controversial they were because, for her, they ... more
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