John O'Neill
Care for a coffee?
Wed Jun 25, 2014 11:35

Jack’s feet rested on the table in front of him, the worn trainers slightly muddy from a walk around the Quidditch Pitch. Pushed to the side there sat the remains of a hearty breakfast of egg and toast. He held in one hand a cup of warm coffee. Jack brought the beverage to his lips and took a generous sip. The bitterness caused him to recoil and after plonking the cup back on the table, he wiped his tongue with the back of his hand. The action did little to relieve him of the foul taste. Coffee was obviously not for him. The Lyra had chosen to try out the warm drink as it was viewed as much more grown up and also since his Mam didn’t allow him to have it at home. Not that he would ever willingly admit it, but perhaps his Mother was right about coffee after all.

Wishing he had stuck with tea instead, Jack took to skimming through the paper to find the sports section at the back. He was trying to familiarise himself with Quodpot so that none of the other kids could call him uninformed. But his main aim was to check out the Quidditch league back home.

He held the page a distance away from his face and squinted at the letters inked across it. His glasses had been reluctantly packed away in his trunk back in July, and they had never seen daylight since. Jack hated being longsighted. It was embarrassing having to wear the square spectacles- which everyone knew were not cool. They did nothing to make him look more attractive and highlighted a weakness. Concealing this weakness was going to become more difficult now that he was on the Lyra team. He’d have to start putting the glasses on more frequently if he didn’t want to let his new teammates down.

After a little difficulty he spotted his team’s name and made out their progress. The Bats had predictably pulverized the Cannons in their last match and training reports reflected well on the team. Jack liked to think they were in with a chance this year although one of their best beaters had been complaining of shoulder pain.

Pleased with what he had read, Jack whistled a bright tune to himself and flicked back a few pages just to make sure nothing major had happened in the world. He might not enjoy reading the news however, he hated appearing a fool even more.

There was the scrapping of a chair as someone sat down near him. Not glancing up from the page Jack, gestured towards his still full cup of coffee, “D’you wanna drink?”

    • Why not?Samantha Knowles, Mon Jun 30 20:16
      Sam shuffled into the diner, hoping she could find somewhere to sit that wouldn’t require conversing with other people. The first year still hadn’t quite adjusted to RMI, and had yet to find a niche. ... more
      • I can think of a million reasons Jack, Tue Jul 1 15:27
        “Ummm...” The initial hesitation caused Jack to glance up. His hazel eyes sought out her’s, with a jolt he realised he knew this girl. She was a first year also, although not from his house. He... more
        • Then name one!Sam , Tue Jul 1 22:09
          The boy’s light hearted tone made Sam feel less self-conscious, and she found herself nodding enthusiastically along with his chatter. It seemed that most adults were really crazy about coffee. She... more
          • You sure are demanding. Jack, Wed Jul 2 15:17
            She was eating pancakes, he noted, which really was an odd breakfast choice. Jack’s, Ma had presented pancakes as a special treat to be had perhaps for lunch or topped with syrup- sometimes honey- as ... more
            • Why thank you!Sam, Thu Jul 3 21:30
              Sam appreciated both his cheeky remark and the fact that he agreed to try the coffee again. Trying to match his attempt at “proper” speech, she responded: “'Tis a noble sacrifice indeed, kind sir. I... more
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