Samantha Knowles
Why not?
Mon Jun 30, 2014 20:16

Sam shuffled into the diner, hoping she could find somewhere to sit that wouldn’t require conversing with other people. The first year still hadn’t quite adjusted to RMI, and had yet to find a niche. Stifling a yawn, she scanned her surroundings.

Where to sit? She asked herself. It appeared that sitting alone wasn’t going to be an option. All of the tables were full of people she didn’t know. Sighing, she looked for the emptiest table she could find. It’s not that she didn’t want to make friends; she just wasn’t great at carrying on conversations.

Across the room she saw a boy who looked to be about her age squinting at a newspaper. He seemed fairly absorbed in his task, so the Cetus figured that his table would be the safest option. Grabbing a plate of pancakes, Sam walked slowly towards the table, trying to make as little noise as possible.

She tucked her blonde hair behind her ears to make sure it didn’t drag in her syrup. Risking another furtive glance at the boy, Sam noticed he was still squinting at the paper. Perhaps he needed glasses. Just as she was about to turn back to her food, he spoke without even glancing up from the paper.

“D’you wanna drink?” he asked, gesturing at a steaming cup next to him. It appeared that he hadn’t even touched the drink.

“Ummm…” Sam hummed, staring at the cup. She hadn’t been prepared for his question, so it took her a moment to gather her thoughts. What was even in the cup? She guessed it was coffee, which she never had before. Her parents drank it all the time though, saying it helped them wake up. And she was tired.

Shrugging, she reached for the cup. Tentatively she took a sip. As the bitter liquid filled her mouth, she grimaced and had to force herself to swallow. Coffee was definitely not as good as her parents claimed it to be. Apparently the boy hadn’t liked it much either, judging by the way he so casually offered the whole cup.

Clearing her throat in an attempt to get rid of the taste, she shook her head. “Not as good as I’ve heard,” she said quietly. “Maybe it would be better with some milk and sugar?”

Pushing the cup back towards the boy, Sam shoveled a large bite of pancakes into her mouth.

  • Care for a coffee? John O'Neill, Wed Jun 25 11:35
    Jack’s feet rested on the table in front of him, the worn trainers slightly muddy from a walk around the Quidditch Pitch. Pushed to the side there sat the remains of a hearty breakfast of egg and... more
    • Why not? — Samantha Knowles, Mon Jun 30 20:16
      • I can think of a million reasons Jack, Tue Jul 1 15:27
        “Ummm...” The initial hesitation caused Jack to glance up. His hazel eyes sought out her’s, with a jolt he realised he knew this girl. She was a first year also, although not from his house. He... more
        • Then name one!Sam , Tue Jul 1 22:09
          The boy’s light hearted tone made Sam feel less self-conscious, and she found herself nodding enthusiastically along with his chatter. It seemed that most adults were really crazy about coffee. She... more
          • You sure are demanding. Jack, Wed Jul 2 15:17
            She was eating pancakes, he noted, which really was an odd breakfast choice. Jack’s, Ma had presented pancakes as a special treat to be had perhaps for lunch or topped with syrup- sometimes honey- as ... more
            • Why thank you!Sam, Thu Jul 3 21:30
              Sam appreciated both his cheeky remark and the fact that he agreed to try the coffee again. Trying to match his attempt at “proper” speech, she responded: “'Tis a noble sacrifice indeed, kind sir. I... more
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