I can think of a million reasons
Tue Jul 1, 2014 15:27


The initial hesitation caused Jack to glance up. His hazel eyes sought out her’s, with a jolt he realised he knew this girl. She was a first year also, although not from his house. He scrunched his eyebrows together and waited for the moment of sudden realisation to hit him. It did, partially. She was a Cetus but for the life of him Jack could not recall her name.

He thought about asking, except he didn’t want her to know he didn’t know her name. That was rude and nobody liked being forgotten. Best wing it then and hope there was no point in the conversation when he’d be required to call her by name.

He watched her silent battle of wills before, finally, she reached for the cup of coffee. Jack almost shouted out to warn her of it’s unsatisfactory taste but in the end he allowed her to go through with it. When she appeared to share his disliked of the liquid, he grinned.

“Gotta admit, I think it’s rotten. Dunno why adults are always yapping on about it. I hope the same thing isn’t true about firewhiskey- cause I can’t wait till I can try that,” his tone was light hearted and he quickly decided he was going to like this girl.

Dragging his feet down from the table, he asked for some milk and sugar. Thanks to the handiness of magic, it appeared. He then dropped in two spoonfuls of sugar and a splash of creamy milk.

Whilst, he was stirring he continued, “You should see my cousin Neil on the stuff, he’s a right laugh then. Normally, quiet as a mouse but a drop of firewhiskey has him dancing over tables, making dishes fly over your head. This one time, he broke all my Granny’s best china.”

His smile expanded, as he recalled the look on the elderly woman’s face. It was priceless. Jack then inspected the coffee with a critical eye, “Right. Shall I try first or do you wanna be the brave one?”

He didn’t relish the thought of drinking the thing again.

  • Why not?Samantha Knowles, Mon Jun 30 20:16
    Sam shuffled into the diner, hoping she could find somewhere to sit that wouldn’t require conversing with other people. The first year still hadn’t quite adjusted to RMI, and had yet to find a niche. ... more
    • I can think of a million reasons — Jack, Tue Jul 1 15:27
      • Then name one!Sam , Tue Jul 1 22:09
        The boy’s light hearted tone made Sam feel less self-conscious, and she found herself nodding enthusiastically along with his chatter. It seemed that most adults were really crazy about coffee. She... more
        • You sure are demanding. Jack, Wed Jul 2 15:17
          She was eating pancakes, he noted, which really was an odd breakfast choice. Jack’s, Ma had presented pancakes as a special treat to be had perhaps for lunch or topped with syrup- sometimes honey- as ... more
          • Why thank you!Sam, Thu Jul 3 21:30
            Sam appreciated both his cheeky remark and the fact that he agreed to try the coffee again. Trying to match his attempt at “proper” speech, she responded: “'Tis a noble sacrifice indeed, kind sir. I... more
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