Then name one!
Tue Jul 1, 2014 22:09

The boy’s light hearted tone made Sam feel less self-conscious, and she found herself nodding enthusiastically along with his chatter. It seemed that most adults were really crazy about coffee. She knew that her own mother was akin to a troll until she had her first cup. So far this drink hadn’t done anything for her.

Firewhiskey was actually something she had already tried a small amount of. Her parents always seemed to have some on hand during holidays and parties, and everyone who drank it seemed like they were having a great time after a few glasses. One time her grandmother had left a glass unattended, so she and her best friend Erin both took a quick sip before anyone noticed. Though it didn’t taste particularly foul, it felt as though her throat had caught on fire.

Not wanting to interrupt the boy’s storytelling, Sam decided to keep the information to herself for the time being. She giggled at the thought of his cousin dancing on tabletops; no one had ever done that when she had been present. Maybe she’d be just as crazy with copious amounts of Firewhiskey as well. Apparently it had strange effects on quiet people.

Sam tucked her feet underneath her and sat up straighter in her chair as the boy added the milk and sugar to their coffee. Already the lighter shade looked more appealing, though she wasn’t sure if she was ready yet to try it again. As the boy examined the coffee, her blue eyes flicked up to his face. She really wished she knew his name. Would it be rude to ask? Before she could get the question out however, her breakfast mate spoke up again.

“Right. Shall I try first or do you wanna be the brave one?”

“I think it’s your turn,” she said with a laugh. Despite having wanted to sit alone originally, Sam decided this arrangement wasn’t half bad.

  • I can think of a million reasons Jack, Tue Jul 1 15:27
    “Ummm...” The initial hesitation caused Jack to glance up. His hazel eyes sought out her’s, with a jolt he realised he knew this girl. She was a first year also, although not from his house. He... more
    • Then name one! — Sam , Tue Jul 1 22:09
      • You sure are demanding. Jack, Wed Jul 2 15:17
        She was eating pancakes, he noted, which really was an odd breakfast choice. Jack’s, Ma had presented pancakes as a special treat to be had perhaps for lunch or topped with syrup- sometimes honey- as ... more
        • Why thank you!Sam, Thu Jul 3 21:30
          Sam appreciated both his cheeky remark and the fact that he agreed to try the coffee again. Trying to match his attempt at “proper” speech, she responded: “'Tis a noble sacrifice indeed, kind sir. I... more
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