Why thank you!
Thu Jul 3, 2014 21:30

Sam appreciated both his cheeky remark and the fact that he agreed to try the coffee again. Trying to match his attempt at “proper” speech, she responded:

“'Tis a noble sacrifice indeed, kind sir. I can only hope your endeavors prove successful.” She had to admit that her crisp English accent suited the manner of speech better than his. Perhaps she should speak like this more often! Just as quickly as the thought appeared, it vanished. No sense in making herself any stranger than she probably already seemed to some of her classmates.

Her eyes widened as the boy took a large sip of the coffee. She hadn’t expected him to try that much all at once. Holding her breath, she awaited his judgment.

His sudden slamming of the cup caused Sam to jump, and she quickly began to laugh when she noticed the expression on his face. Sam liked his comical attitude, which she found quite opposite to her generally reserved disposition. However, she found herself more feeling more relaxed at this table than she had in weeks.

“I suppose not bad is an improvement, isn’t it?”

Sam stared at the puddle the spilled coffee had made, though her spontaneous companion appeared not to have noticed it. Despite his assurance that the milk and sugar had made a difference, Sam made no move to try the coffee again. Before she did anything else, she wanted to know this strange boy’s name.

But once again, as if planned, the boy jumped in right as she was about to speak.

“M’dear Sara, may I call you Sara?...”

She began to laugh again, because apparently he didn’t know her name either! Feeling less guilty about not knowing his, she waited until he had finished chattering before looping back to his original question.

“How about Sam?” she asked. “And, how, sir, shall I be calling you?”

Before he could respond, Sam waved her hand as if to appear uncaring. “And as for the cigar, I suppose you’ll just have to pay me back later.”

  • You sure are demanding. Jack, Wed Jul 2 15:17
    She was eating pancakes, he noted, which really was an odd breakfast choice. Jack’s, Ma had presented pancakes as a special treat to be had perhaps for lunch or topped with syrup- sometimes honey- as ... more
    • Why thank you! — Sam, Thu Jul 3 21:30
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