Zach Drogan (Cetus)
Can I Have my Morning Tea in Peace
Thu Jul 10, 2014 20:59

Zach Drogan was too tired to want to even walk to the Finer Diner, let alone make himself a cup of tea and find a place to sit once he got there. Making a cup of tea wasnít a hard task for him, because he drinks tea all the time, but Zach pulled an all-nighter last night with insomnia and new ideas. The diner had a fair amount of people in it, but there were many empty tables where Zach could sit and most likely fall asleep with half a cup of tea next to him, getting cold as time goes on.

Originally, Zach didnít plan to take or do anything while he drank, but he took one of his journals anyway, because he really couldnít leave his dorm without one. Hot water? Check. Regular tea bag? Check. Sugar and cream? Checkity check check. Zach smiled to himself, but yawned afterward. He took a drink from his cup, but then coughed right after he swallowed. He forgot that hot water, right after it is poured into a cup, can and will burn your mouth if you donít wait a bit for it to cool. He glowered down at his cup and went to sit down and just draw until he could drink without burning himself.

As Zach began to draw and continue his story, he completely forgot how tired he was earlier that morning, and got lost in his own world again, giving a small chuckle to himself every time he wrote a character saying a snarky comment, then drawing the expression of the character getting sassed. As he got further and further invested, his hand bumped his cup of tea, reminding him the reason why he came to the diner in the first place. He picked it up, took a drink, and leaned back in his chair, flipping through his story, to see what heís done so far. Suddenly he noticed someone creeping over his shoulder, staring at his journal. He squeaked a bit and shut his journal hard and fast, quickly placing his cup down on the table and turning around, staring up at the person with wide eyes, frozen with anxiety at the thought of someone actually seeing his work, and wondering how much they saw.

    • Not a chanceBessie Mae Cavanaugh, Sat Jul 19 14:57
      One would never catch her admitting itóafter all, a lady had to keep up appearances, and her image very much relied on not coming across as a loser who spent late evenings holed up in her dorm room... more
      • Have it Your WayZach, Sun Jul 20 17:23
        Zachís eyes flicked from the girl next to him to his journal, then back to the girl again. Slowly, he turned around and pushed his journal into his lap, leaving nothing in front of him except his... more
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