Bessie Mae Cavanaugh
Not a chance
Sat Jul 19, 2014 14:57

One would never catch her admitting it—after all, a lady had to keep up appearances, and her image very much relied on not coming across as a loser who spent late evenings holed up in her dorm room surrounded by her textbooks—but Bessie Mae genuinely enjoyed much of her homework. Oh, sure, Cultural Studies tended to drag on when they studied house elf welfare (for Merlin’s sake, the whole point of house elves was that they wanted to help wizards domestically; they didn’t have to worry about their feelings) or Muggle symbols, but everything else was interesting. Bessie Mae hardly minded when Professor Gallico assigned lengthy essays or they had pages and pages of Spellwork readings.

Having had a late night going over something for the Daughters of Morgana (Alannah said Bessie Mae could lead the next lesson, so she wanted to brush up on that hex Pa had taught her to stick peoples’ tongues to the roofs of their mouths), Bessie Mae was in tragic need of a pick-me-up.

Pa always drank coffee when he’d stayed up for a Floo conference in another time zone or to finish some urgent paperwork, but Bessie Mae couldn’t stand the taste of it. Even a cupful of cream and more sugar than was really acceptable couldn’t redeem how bitter it was. Iced tea was her caffeinated beverage of choice, but at breakfast it was in short supply… meaning there wasn’t any on the table.

Bessie Mae made a few unsatisfactory attempts at a Cooling charm to chill the hot water the house elves had left for them as her teabag steeped. It might have gone down a few degrees, but the step down from boiling to lukewarm wasn’t enough to make it drinkable.

She added some ice and waited for the tea to cool down. Bessie Mae hadn’t brought a book to breakfast (again—appearances!), but the student next to her was doodling in a diary, which provided ample entertainment as the steam drifted out of her cup.

That is, until the boy slammed the diary shut with a very paranoid expression. “Well, don’t be shy, now,” Bessie Mae said, stirring her cup with her spoon. The drawings had been a bit amateurish, but not bad and she’d barely had time to read the dialogue. “Let’s see.”

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