Have it Your Way
Sun Jul 20, 2014 17:23

Zach’s eyes flicked from the girl next to him to his journal, then back to the girl again. Slowly, he turned around and pushed his journal into his lap, leaving nothing in front of him except his burning lava-hot cup of tea. He took a sip, and almost managed to prevent making a pained expression from the fact that the liquid was still fairly hot, but he had to admit it was cooler than before. “I…I don’t normally show my stories to people.” He stammered, and rubbed the back of his neck nervously. Zach used to have no problem showing off his artwork, but for some reason he suddenly stopped, and he became anxious about if his stories were good enough to show people, and if they weren’t, he worried that people would laugh and keep his journal to show other people. One of his friends once said something about mental ticks, so he figured that’s whatever this problem was.

While Zach thought things over, he realised that he was still staring down into his tea, as if the universe was in the depths of the brownish, maroon liquid. He also made the realization that his glasses were all steamed up, so he took the off and rubbed them with the bottom of his navy blue T-Shirt with the tan horse on it. After replacing his glasses on his face, he turned back to the girl again, and pulled his journal off his lap.

“I mean, I guess if you really want to read it, you can but, don’t laugh at it too hard, I’ve been working since New Year’s.” Zach’s voice was still just barely above a whisper, as he slowly gave his journal to the girl next to him. “It’s about this girl who’s soul is kept in a pocket-watch, which is why she’s drawn with no pupils and dark circles under her eyes, because she doesn’t sleep. She comes across these three other people, a British guy named Dave, a girl named Sandra, and another boy named Nathan. They have to defeat this one government, but the only way to actually defeat them is for the girl to open the pocket-watch and unleash her soul, but once she does open the watch, and her soul goes back into her, she then goes insane and destroys anything and everything that moves.” Zach explained quickly. Afterward he gasped for breath and cocked his head to the side. “What do you think?”

  • Not a chanceBessie Mae Cavanaugh, Sat Jul 19 14:57
    One would never catch her admitting it—after all, a lady had to keep up appearances, and her image very much relied on not coming across as a loser who spent late evenings holed up in her dorm room... more
    • Have it Your Way — Zach, Sun Jul 20 17:23
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