Counselor Garen Tennant
Midterm Family Feast (T18)
Mon Aug 4, 2014 15:39

Garen’s goal as counselor—and, by extension, head of both the alumni department and coordinating family events—was to make RMI more accessible to people besides the students. In addition to the families of current students, he’d invited alumni, former staff, and their families. Taking a leaf from Gaston’s book, he’d arranged an extended option for those who wanted to attend. The traditional family feast was on December 22nd, but if they wanted to spend Christmas at RMI, guests were welcome to stay until the 27th in the special quarters the house elves had arranged.

Kizzy, the leader of the house elves, was ecstatic over potentially having so many people for the holidays. She was disappointed every year by the small smattering of students who stayed for Christmas. Garen didn’t have the heart to remind her that most people would probably go home for Christmas Eve and Day, but there was no stopping Kizzy once she got an idea in her head.

The Finer Diner was resplendent with golden lights, red and green plaid tablecloths, and sparkling garlands. A dozen Christmas trees were placed at intervals along the Diner. Garen wasn’t sure how the house elves had pulled it off, but snow was falling both inside the room—disappearing instantly if it touched anything solid—and in the moving scenery outside the “windows.” Every so often, Garen noticed, an observant watcher could catch a glimpse of a flying sleigh pulled by tiny reindeer as the view whisked them through a snowy night on the Colorado prairie. Andrew said he’d seen a yeti too, but Garen hadn’t spotted it after a few minutes of watching.

Dinner formally started at six o’clock, with appetizer courses that appeared to fill the large family-style plates on the round tables. Most of the tables had different foods, which Garen hoped would encourage people talking to each other, rather than keeping to themselves.

After the meal (Kizzy refused to share her secrets of how to make delicious fruitcake and cakey gingerbread, but Garen always looked forward to Christmas dessert at RMI), the counselor stood up to address the families. He tapped a glass for silence, waiting for the hall to settle down before he spoke.

“Thank you all for joining us,” Garen said, projecting rather than using a Sonorus Charm. “It’s great to see so many familiar faces, in addition to the new ones. You are of course welcome to stay here as long as you want, but there are a few other activities tonight. We’re showing It’s A Wonderful Life on the big screen in the theater, and if you’re interested in playing in the snow, our Quidditch Pitch is open. There should be signs to direct you, but if you need help, just ask one of the portraits.” Hopefully the portraits would be helpful tonight. He had considered moving some of the more mischievous ones to a hallway with less traffic, but that had proved impossible. At least their favorite poltergeist seemed to have taken the holidays off from his regular shenanigans. “Happy holidays!”

[OOC: All immediate families of registered students and all alums will have received an owl inviting them to attend the Family Feast. Families are also invited to stay in a special set of quarters arranged for them through 27 December, but must leave campus after that date. Please feel free to post your students and their families here! If you need to coordinate with someone else to do this, I suggest first checking out the Chatzy before posting on the OOC board; chances are you’ll get a more rapid answer.]

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