Amelia Knight
It's not bad living here, either.
Wed Aug 6, 2014 02:09

"Mother, may I be excused?" asked Amelia, blue eyes glancing ahead to where she wanted to be. Thus far she had been enjoying the feast in reserved quiet with her parents and Darlene, but she spied Ika in the distance. "I see a friend of mine who graduated, and I would like to say hello."

Her mother looked across the way to see if she could identify the person, and when she noticed Ika Blackburn, whom she remembered from her friendship with Alexandra, she nodded approval. She had always thought Ika was a wonderful young lady, even if her background was iffy. "Go ahead, but do not be too long."

The Cetus stood carefully, well aware of the less than comfortable shoes she currently wore, and masked the discomfort in a graceful stride across the Diner. As she approached, Ika seemed happily immersed in the RMI cuisine before her, and Amelia half-laughed, which evidently alerted Ika to her presence. "You forget how good the food is here. Not that I'm living on ramen and nachos, but I don't cook like this, either."

"The House Elves do really go all-out," Amelia smiled, seating herself at Ika's table. She had certainly missed Ika this year. Her friendship with Aerin was on the mend, and she always had Inigo, but she could have definitely used another friend around. "It's very nice to see you," she added.

Admittedly, this year had been less of a challenge so far than the prior term had been, but that had less to do with Ika and more to do with another person’s absence. A semester of not seeing Niccolo every day had certainly done some good for her mental health, rendering her not entirely healthy but at least a bit closer to sane. Even with the lessened strain, she would have enjoyed seeing Ika more during the year, because it was only with the alumna that Amelia felt like someone other than herself. With Aerin, she was Amelia Knight but it did not matter. With Inigo, she was entirely herself, with the release of getting to reveal her faults. But with Ika, she was someone else, no pureblood lady but a teenage girl.

“How has school been?” The eighteen year old inquired casually. “Do they give you a long break for the holidays? I hope they aren’t working you too hard.” College had never been something she thought too deeply about as it was not in the usual marriage-and-babies plan for girls like her, but she had always imagined it required a great deal more effort than RMI’s classes. But as they were specifications into one’s interests, she also thought the work probably proved to be worth it.

  • A nice place to visitIka Blackburn, Tue Aug 5 21:10
    Ika had always lived somewhere —with her family in Kissimmee, or at RMI, or—most recently—in the beautiful little house in Chicago. Now, halfway through her first year of college, she was in a weird... more
    • It's not bad living here, either. — Amelia Knight, Wed Aug 6 02:09
      • Ain’t that the truthIka, Wed Aug 6 03:06
        “Amelia! Oh my god, hi! ” Before Amelia could sit down, Ika rose and greeted her with a hug. If Amelia was here, it meant her parents probably were too, so she did her best not to give an excited... more
        • Mmm, tell it gurlAmelia, Wed Aug 6 23:21
          Amelia had never gotten entirely adjusted to Ika's physical affections, but she had at least adapted a bit more comfort with the situation. She did not necessarily hug back, but she was less stiff... more
          • PreachIka, Thu Aug 7 02:36
            Ika knew Amelia wasn’t quite on board with hugs, but she couldn’t help it: some situations called for hugs, and seeing one of your best friends for the first time after almost half a year was one of... more
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