Ain’t that the truth
Wed Aug 6, 2014 03:06

“Amelia! Oh my god, hi!” Before Amelia could sit down, Ika rose and greeted her with a hug. If Amelia was here, it meant her parents probably were too, so she did her best not to give an excited squeal. Surely a hug (without jumping or squealing) was appropriate.

Of course, she’d been writing regularly—of her siblings, Ika had always been the best at keeping up correspondence—but it was nothing like seeing someone every day. And her classmates and housemates and coworkers were great, but Ika hadn’t lived with them for six years; this was different from any of her friends in Chicago.

Ika laughed, sinking back into her seat. “Oh my gosh, here, okay, sit down, yeah.” She tucked a strand of blond hair behind her ear. It was the first day in a while she’d worn her shoulder-length hair down; during school, it was easier to just put it in a ponytail, and when she worked she twisted it up in a bun so none of the creatures she worked with could get caught or pull her by the hair. “It’s good to see you too. You look…” Ika paused to assess. Amelia looked different—more upright, and happier. She was smiling. “You look well. Really.”

She’d already written Amelia about the classes she was taking: Intro to Magizoology, Wizards of the Roman Empire, and her freshman seminar on modern philosophy. “School’s good. Finals were two weeks ago, and I don’t have to go back until the middle of January, so it’s a nice long break—even longer than you guys get.” Of course, everyone at RMI (hopefully; Ika dimly remembered barely seeing Keith her first year because he was all about studying and college apps and independent potions projects) had more downtime, so it was a fair trade-off. Ika had only had time to make one or two trips to Pearl Street this semester. Every weekend had been studying or overtime, and when she had a free weekend, she tried to visit Trent at Illinois State. Ika wasn’t entirely sure how her love life was going; they had fun when they were visiting, and she really liked him, but they also didn’t talk about the future much. She wasn’t sure what that meant.

“I’m super busy, but mostly because I’m doing the working program at the zoo plus school. But that’s so great—like, I helped deliver a baby hippogriff right after my Magizoology final. It was gross but also adorable.” Her gesture knocked her bandaged wrist against the table, and she winced slightly. Ika held up the arm as explanation. “Um, also a fire crab burned me. But like, in a good way. Or… not really a good way, I guess. But it’s fine, and it was my fault for scaring him when I tried to polish his shell. Occupational hazard and all.” The burn was healing quickly; magical injuries took longer to heal than normal ones, and it was over a week old and mostly gone.

“What about you?” Ika knew she couldn’t expect talk about work and college and majors from Amelia, but surely there was something bigger going on than Professor Gallico’s increasingly demanding essays. Maybe Amelia had started planning her wedding; that could be fun. Ika wrote to Nicco, but she hadn’t heard much from him on that front. Ika was afraid to ask, really. It seemed, somehow, like a forbidden topic.

  • It's not bad living here, either.Amelia Knight, Wed Aug 6 02:09
    "Mother, may I be excused?" asked Amelia, blue eyes glancing ahead to where she wanted to be. Thus far she had been enjoying the feast in reserved quiet with her parents and Darlene, but she spied... more
    • Ain’t that the truth — Ika, Wed Aug 6 03:06
      • Mmm, tell it gurlAmelia, Wed Aug 6 23:21
        Amelia had never gotten entirely adjusted to Ika's physical affections, but she had at least adapted a bit more comfort with the situation. She did not necessarily hug back, but she was less stiff... more
        • PreachIka, Thu Aug 7 02:36
          Ika knew Amelia wasn’t quite on board with hugs, but she couldn’t help it: some situations called for hugs, and seeing one of your best friends for the first time after almost half a year was one of... more
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