Paul Eagle (Alumni)
Mooching (TAG: Addi Leppit)
Wed Aug 6, 2014 23:15

The brown speckled owl passed through Paul's eleventh-story, shared apartment building with gifts of a letter and some owl droppings. Paul was asleep, spooning his band mate wearing nothing but his boxers, despite that it was nearly 2 in the afternoon. The sound of the fluttering owl woke him. When he looked down and noticed who he was in bed with, he immediately felt a twinge of uncomfortable guilt and made no hesitation to remove himself from the covers. Rubbing his eyes while dully aware of the pounding in his head, he opened the letter and tried to digest the words.

Midterm Family Feast? Paul usually went to his Aunt and Uncle's for Christmas, but this year they were visiting one of Paul's cousins who lived in Australia and the whole family just was really bad at making plans. The twenty-three-year-old had made plans to visit his cousin Mel at some point. (He really needed to talk to her about some of the new things he was finding out about himself; she was the only one who would understand, having discovered her own sexuality at such a young age.) He didn't think he'd spend Christmas with Mel, and his band mates all had families to visit. Paul would probably, regrettably, have to spend the holiday with his father, Blake, Ava, his niece Olivia, and his nephew Gregory. It wasn't that Paul didn't appreciate his family, they were just very dull and Paul really didn't want to have to deal with confrontations right now about his spiraling life.

For these reasons, attending RMI's midterm feast sounded like a really great option. Yeah, he probably wouldn't have any family with him actually on Christmas, but it was the option to mooch off someone for 5 days. 5 whole days! Merry Christmas to Paul! 5 whole days of free sounded pretty awesome to someone who was living paycheck to paycheck. So, Paul told the band he would back back on the 27th for their next gig, and then left for RMI on the 22nd of December. He owled his dad to stop by on the 25th, so that he wouldn't think he was avoiding him. His dad would probably decide to visit Blake instead, who was celebrating Christmas at his home, because he absolutely loved Gregory. That was cool with Paul.

When Paul apparated to RMI, he immediately sought out his older brother, Blake, who was there to visit his daughter Olivia Knight. He embraced him, Ava, and Olivia, and gave Gregory a high-five. He refrained from making the dumb comments about how much Olivia and Gregory had grown since he'd last seen them. The tall, skinny guitarist hadn't seen much of his family for the past few months, having been very busy with gigs and studio work. Paul made most of his money as a studio guitarist, but his dream was to get to record his own music, which he played at his gigs with his band, Squeezable Polyjuice. So far that hadn't happened, but Paul was working harder than ever in Los Angeles.

Paul sat with his only available family as the feast began. He smiled as he took in the familiar, nostalgic surroundings. Merlin, he missed being at RMI. Things were much easier then. He was never really all that keen to graduate, and now that he had he just wished that he could go back. It was good that he was no longer living with his dad now, but he certainly wasn't living comfortably now. Living with other guys sucked because guys didn't really cook or clean. Paul liked tidiness; there was just no time for that with his current life style.

After a hearty meal of savory turkey and soft bread, Paul got up to say hello to Garen. He hadn't seen his favorite director in quite a few years, which sucked because Garen was awesome. He gave Paul a lot of the confidence he needed to pursue his musical dreams. As the former Lyra made his way across the Diner, however, something--or, rather someone--caught his attention. His hazel eyes froze on his ex-girlfriend. He didn't know why he was so surprised to see her; he should have anticipated her presence here. His subconscious knew that a meeting with Addi was part of the incentive for coming, anyway. He stopped in his tracks and nervously ran a hand through his long, brown hair. He had grown it out the past few months; it was no longer the moptop he'd groomed for several years, but rather it now had a definitive part in it. It was a few inches above his shoulders now. It was good to play with whenever he got nervous.

There was no way he could avoid Addi for the next five days. He figured it'd be better to talk to her now and break the ice early. So, all thoughts of talking to Garen forgotten, Paul made his way over to his former... something. His heartbeat quickened as he came closer, noticing how different she looked from when he'd last seen her. A lot of time had passed. Merlin, she was a mom now! Paul found that one out from Olivia. Enough time had certainly passed so that they could comfortably catch-up with each other though. It wasn't as if there were still hard feelings or anything.

"Hey, Addi," he said, looking into her blue eyes. "Mind if I sit down and chat?" That sounded really stupid to Paul after he said, but he didn't really know what else to say. So, he took a seat before waiting for her to answer.

"How are you?"

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