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Wed Aug 6, 2014 23:21

Amelia had never gotten entirely adjusted to Ika's physical affections, but she had at least adapted a bit more comfort with the situation. She did not necessarily hug back, but she was less stiff than the first time an embrace had befallen her, nor did she think to move away, which, if Ika paid attention, would have shown traceable progression. And that, Amelia imagined, was better than nothing, especially coming from someone like herself.

Hugging and touching was intimate, a familial or friendly custom she had neither understood nor experienced before RMI. Her parents and Alexandra certainly never touched her with kind intentions. The Cetus did not consider herself abused by any means, but there had been occasional hurtful contacts over the years to keep her in line, spankings or, even more rare, an open-handed hit. But Ika only touched with joy, not always gentle but always soft. It was a nice change.

"You look... You look well. Really." Amelia nodded, her smile sincere, at the compliment, casually given but deeply centered. When her mind had failed her the year prior, her looks had not been a top priority beyond the necessary. Amelia felt prettier, perhaps thanks more to Inigo's friendship than anything else. His presence was freeing, allowing her to heal.

She listened happily to Ika's babbling about school, a well-maintained blonde eyebrow raising at the mention of being burned, <"em>like, in a good way". Ika had the most curious outlook on things. It was refreshing, to say the least, the way she could put a positive spin even on being hurt by the very creature she was there to help. Amelia certainly would not have reacted the same way in such a situation.

Ika inquired in return about Amelia, and while there was not too much in particular to tell at the moment, she searched for something to report anyway. Her letters to Ika most often detailed her latest trials in regards to atrocious projects and essays, primarily in Potions. "Trying hard not to leave, I guess," she answered honestly. "It's very peaceful here..." Blue eyes wandered briefly in the directions of her parents and kid sister. "In comparison," she added.

"My mother sends me wedding things: pictures of dresses, cakes, decorations, things like that," Amelia continued with a sigh. "I haven't quite found what I like best yet, much to her entire frustration." She was by no means looking forward to her wedding, but if it had to happen, she wanted it to be perfect, a throwback to the porcelain doll she was as a young girl, before things got complicated. "And of course, Alexandra has to be my maid of honor. Personally, I'd rather have Aerin or you. I'm sure Darlene will be the flower girl."

"Have you ever seen Darlene?" The blonde added as an afterthought. She was fairly certain her youngest sister had been born after the abrupt termination of Alexandra's friendship with Ika, so she would not have been around when Darlene was born. "She's over there, with my parents." She pointed out the table, her fingertip aimed directly at the four-year-old brunette sitting happily atop her mother's lap. Honestly, Amelia was not her sister's biggest fan, but given that Ika was the youngest in her family and thus would not have seen small children much, plus she seemed to enjoy cute things, Amelia took the opportunity to make Ika smile a little wider.

  • Ain’t that the truthIka, Wed Aug 6 03:06
    “Amelia! Oh my god, hi! ” Before Amelia could sit down, Ika rose and greeted her with a hug. If Amelia was here, it meant her parents probably were too, so she did her best not to give an excited... more
    • Mmm, tell it gurl — Amelia, Wed Aug 6 23:21
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        Ika knew Amelia wasn’t quite on board with hugs, but she couldn’t help it: some situations called for hugs, and seeing one of your best friends for the first time after almost half a year was one of... more
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