Adisynne Leppit
Sounds like a solid plan
Thu Aug 7, 2014 00:36

"There!" Addi beamed, taking a step back to admire the masterfully dressed young gentleman that sat in the stroller before her. Tycho Maximilian Riley Leppit stared back in silent confusion that rose from the odd outfit his mother had decided to put him in. His toes were trapped in curly shoes with jingle bells on them. His head was covered by a silly green hat that featured its own pointy ears over his. And his legs, arms, tummy, and everything else was wrapped in a red-trimmed felt suit. "You look great!"

But evidently, Tycho did not agree, or maybe he just didn't care, because he ripped off the hat and kicked away his shoes the next very moment. "Fine, whatever, you win," Addi sighed, packing his regular sneakers in the stroller. She also added a change of clothes, in case the elf suit also proved too much for Tycho's tiny toleration. "Let's get going now, huh, kiddo?" Tycho clapped his pudgy hands, and Addi took it as her cue to start rolling.

Having taken such time on the fashion department, they entered the Finer Diner a bit late into Garen's speech, only catching something about the Pitch and portraits before the exclamation of, "Happy holidays!" With as much subtlety as one pushing a squeaky stroller has available, the strawberry blonde found herself a table in an attempt not to interrupt any of the the feasting families.

As she noticed a figure approaching, Addi realized that it was going to be she who was going to be interrupted, but she could not honestly say that she minded too terribly much. Even from a distance and with abnormally long hair, she could recognize him with ease: Paul. And he was definitely coming toward her. It was not her brain just making things up to screw with her. Paul was totally coming toward her...

And Tycho. Her mind raced, wondering if he knew or what he thought. It had been quite some time now since their break-up, but she still could not help but think about if Tycho's existence--and the obvious implications that held--hurt him somehow. Of course, she had no regrets about having Tycho. She wholeheartedly loved her son, but she did not exactly enjoy the idea of actively hurting Paul. But then again, if her moving on with her life was a notion he could not stand, he should not have dumped her.

Most of this was random babbling, the flooding in the mind of a young girl whose feelings had been hidden under mountains of scars, blocked away but always releasing again when their subject came around. She shoved it all aside; Addi was not that girl anymore, although she almost didn't hear him as he spoke to her, comprehending the inklings of permission to sit, then watching him sit anyway. "How are you?"

"We're good," she answered instinctively, so used to being a plural. "Uh, I mean... Yeah. I'm good." A small hand reached out from the nearby stroller, finding and attaching to her sleeve. The Lyra alumna lifted her son from the stroller and sat him in her lap, where he wiggled slightly but was altogether visibly much happier, especially when she bounced him every so often. "How about you? It's nice to... Um, I mean, you... How are you?" And with her fumbles, Addi mentally accosted her in such language that would not be appropriate for her current company's tiny ears.

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    • Sounds like a solid plan — Adisynne Leppit, Thu Aug 7 00:36
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