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Ika knew Amelia wasn’t quite on board with hugs, but she couldn’t help it: some situations called for hugs, and seeing one of your best friends for the first time after almost half a year was one of them. To her credit, the younger girl tolerated the hug a lot better than she had the first time Ika had hugged her. That had been like hugging a piece of driftwood, or a marble statue. Like Amelia hadn’t known what to do.

Ika got that feeling that Arlo—who dabbled in psychology but refused to confirm or deny his major—would say a lot of pureblood problems could be solved if parents hugged their children more.

Amelia didn’t give herself enough credit for wedding planning either. Ika couldn’t imagine trying to get every detail of her wedding together from afar, especially if she still had school to worry about. How could you pick a cake without tasting it? That was absurd.

She laughed. “You know I’d be honored. But it’s only fair; you were Alexa’s maid of honor, so she should be your matron of honor.” Ika though that was right, anyway. If and when she got married, Ika had decided, she would want Marisol to be her maid of honor. She was pretty sure she wouldn’t be able to get Rosetta into a dress even if she wanted to. Plus, it all worked out. Marisol was closest to her, so they could be maids or matrons of honor for each other. Keith and Rosetta were closer in age and relationship (which none of them had seen coming, but now that they lived on opposite sides of the country, Ika’s oldest siblings actually got along), so they could be best woman and man of honor for each other if they wanted.

Then again, if they did marry their significant others, Keith would probably pick Juliet or Gavin or Christabel for best (wo)man, and Rosetta and Anders would probably elope. Of course, they’re the two in long-term relationships and they’re also weirdly against marriage, and Irene and Anders don’t seem to mind, so it’s more likely Pompeii’s gonna erupt again before either of them get married. It was a shame. Ika had perfect weddings planned out for each of her oldest siblings, down to the color schemes: gray and blue for Rosetta and Anders, and black and white for Keith and Irene.

Rosetta and Anders would get married on the beach, with informal vows they wrote themselves. Rosetta’s ivory dress would be more of a sundress than a gown—if she didn’t insist on rolled-up jeans and a simple white blouse. (The white didn’t mean anything, Ika knew, but the aesthetic was still nice.) Rosetta’s Quidditch team would fly over and drop rose petals or something during the ceremony, and they’d invite a lot of RMI people so Anders’ side didn’t look too sparse. The reception would be on the beach too, with conjured birds and fairies in glass jars for decorations, since Rosetta wouldn’t want flowers. They’d have grilled eggplant for Anders and the other vegetarians, steak for Rosetta and the other carnivores, and chocolate cake for everyone. The party would go until dawn.

Keith and Irene would have a courthouse wedding. It was neat, logical, practical, secular, and inexpensive, which suited the two of them. They’d have a reception later, probably in the hall of some conference center they’d once visited for a lecture on neuroscience or orthopedics. All of the decorations would be conjured immediately before the reception, and Vanished immediately after it. For dinner, they’d have chicken with arugula salad, and a rosemary cake with buttercream frosting. Keith would want to cut the party short, but they wouldn’t because Irene’s family would’ve come all the way from the United Kingdom to be there. Ika entertained the idea of them having a second reception in England… but it would’ve been hard enough to convince Keith to have one wedding, let alone two.

To be honest, Ika was a little disappointed Amelia didn’t really want to talk about the wedding. Ika could’ve gone on about planning hypothetical weddings for hours.

“No, I haven’t.” Ika turned in her seat to see the middle-aged couple and their four-year-old. The little girl was adorable; Ika raised a hand to give a little wave if Darlene looked over. Of course, she’d also wave if either of the Knights looked over. She liked Amelia Senior, and she figured smiling and waving at Oliver couldn’t hurt anything. “Aww, she’s cute. She’ll be a cute flower girl, I’m sure.”

Ika tilted her head. Maybe it was the distance, but Darlene didn’t look much like Amelia and Alexa. No, Darlene really favored Olivia. May she have better luck than her sister. If aloof Alexa was the Keith of the Knight family, and wayward Amelia was Rosetta, and left-out Olivia was Marisol, then Darlene was her. But Ika had had three omnipresent and (if not nurturing) supportive siblings around; Darlene didn't have such a nice way to grow up.

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    Amelia had never gotten entirely adjusted to Ika's physical affections, but she had at least adapted a bit more comfort with the situation. She did not necessarily hug back, but she was less stiff... more
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