Hestaea and Mikey Lawrence
The perfect stalemate
Thu Aug 7, 2014 03:58

Arms braced. Elbows ready. Hands sweaty. Fingers tight. "Go!"

Hestaea pushed with all her might, struggling forward against the opposite force of Mikey's defense. She could get his arm lowered briefly, but he continued to come back. Then he would slip into the lead, but she would force him back up again. Arm wrestling was a serious deal, and she knew her little brother's pride and spirit would be completely crushed if he were defeated by her. His sister? A girl?!

Hence why she took him on.

But Mikey would not go down without a fight. He had too much at stake (even though he was actually pretty sure no one was watching or even cared), his reputation relevent since he actually still went to school here. Hestaea just wanted to come and mess that up for him like the stupid, mean big sister she was. He would not allow it!

So they raged on, fighting and struggling and concentrating but equally matched. Could no one win? Eventually, each was convinced, the other would tire, and there would lie their opportunity. But they tired also at similar paces, their weaknesses feeding off each other to create the perfect stalemate.

They could sense a person approaching their table, but initially, neither one budged. However, when the person spoke in a familiar voice, Mikey turned his head briefly to see who it was. And that brief moment was all it took for Hestaea to slam his arm into the table.


"No! That's cheating!"

"Not my fault you looked away. Pay more attention next time, huh, squirt?"

"Don't call me squirt! I'm taller than you! I-.."

Miky suddenly remembered what had distracted him, the familiar person who had approached them. "Oh, hi," he offered them. "As you can probably guess, I have no idea what you said, so if you wanted to repeat it, that'd be great."

"Guess you're weak and deaf, squirt!"

"Shut up!"

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