Olivia Knight and family
A rollercoaster, to say the least.
Thu Aug 7, 2014 15:17

As a young girl, Olivia was not fond of the winter holiday season. It was difficult to celebrate as the family punching bag. But as she grew up and found a new family--a real family--she began to enjoy the holidays more and more, each year getting a little more jolly. This was her sixth Christmas under Aunt Ava and Uncle Blake's guardianship, and as her not-so-normal family came into sight at the Family Feast, Olivia smiled. "Hey!" she shouted, running to greet them.

She ran directly into Uncle Blake's arms, an embrace that literally took her feet off the ground as he swooped her up. Once returned to the ground, she hugged Aunt Ava, albeit much more gently as she had Gregory in her arms and Baby #2 in her belly. Cousin Ivan was not much of a hugger, but they embraced with the courtesy and affection often found in pseudo-siblings. Uncle Will, unsurprisingly but understanably, not present; she knew he had issues with crowds and did not fault him at all when he missed these sorts of things. She had not really expected to see Uncle Paul, but as an alum, he was certainly entitled to be here, and she was glad for the surprise. That way, she could give him his present; she had done some research on knitting, and as one of her first successful attempts, she had made him a scarf. It was black and purple, and with a bit of magical additives, she had added the name of his band to the end of it. This she handed to him in a colorful box as he hugged her.

With her situationally immediate family she found a table and listened to Director Tennant's introductory speech. The brunette beamed at the mention of the snow on the Pitch, sure that a snow ball fight would be right up Ivan's alley. She had been to enough of his baseball games to know he had a heck of an arm, and she had no doubt in her mind that if they started a battle, Uncle Blake would definitely join in too. Plus they could teach Gregory how to make a snowman!

But all of the excitement drained from her face as brown eyes happened to glance across the way. Sitting at a table not too far away were... Her hand attached tightly and suddenly to Uncle Blake's arm as fear and anger and shock soaked into her. She spoke to her guardians but did not turn her head from the direction she faced. "They're here. Mother and Father. Th-they're here."

As Amelia moved from their parents, another figure caught her eye, a small brunette sitting in their mother's lap. "Wh-who is that?! Did... Did they have...?!" The words died in her throat, smothered by the sobs she worked vigorously to choke back. She did not want to cry; Olivia loved the holidays. She wanted to keep loving them.

She released her grip of Uncle Blake's arm as it slid comfortingly around her, and she buried her head in his chest to hide from the world, or at least to hide from her parents and this little girl that was still a little girl but evidently more tolerable. Quiet, anguished tears dampened Uncle Blake's shirt, and Olivia remained in such position until her distress was interrupted by the tapping of Ivan's finger on her shoulder.

She sat up shortly thereafter, eyes red and puffy, to see what Ivan wanted. "Um, I think someone wants to talk to you," he stated nervously, gesturing to the person who stood before their table, one Ivan presumed to be a friend of hers.

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    • A rollercoaster, to say the least. — Olivia Knight and family, Thu Aug 7 15:17
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