Demitri de Frère
I could ride with you if you'd let me.
Mon Aug 25, 2014 23:14

Demitri paced back and forth, irritation coloring his every step. The cheeriness of people bustling by into the Finer Diner and the joy of the holidays did not alter his mood in anyway. He was grumpy and that was that. The Aquila would have preferred to have gone home to celebrate with his sister and brothers just like always. His parents had decided against it. Demitri did not pretend to know the reasoning that they put on what they had done, but the prince was not happy about it. Recently, it had become enough that they had forced him to leave in the first place and even though he had welcomed it at the beginning, the sixteen year old had begun to feel increasingly homesick with each day.

Now, he was stuck at Rocky Mountain for the holidays. It wouldn’t have been a problem had it just been him on his own. Unfortunately, due to his “disguise” as a normal student, his parents were sending some trusted set of people to act as his parents. He was beginning to hate himself. He was lying to everyone he had come to know and it was tearing him apart. The bags under his eyes and become visible, he was losing weight, and he had partially been avoiding people just so he wouldn’t have to answer their questions. It was not in Demitri’s nature to lie and the fact that he wasn’t always the best people person made that harder. Despite his royal heritage, the Aquila had always been rather bashful and even though socializing had become easier, he still balked at the idea of meeting important people. The young man paced another two sets of the hall leading to the Finer Diner before thickly spoken French reached his ears.

“Demitri? Il est bon de vous revoir jeune roitelet, vos parents envoient leurs salutations et vous souhaite bonne chance.”*

Demitri flinched internally and turned around slowly. The Aquila swallowed quickly, brief panic spreading quickly. Of course he knew that it would be someone that he was familiar with, but he never expected it to be someone like the person standing in front of him. Bouvier Renald, one of his father’s finest counselors stood in front of him, head held high. Demitri strode forward a few paces to meet the man. He was after all expected to treat these people as though they were his parents.

“Dimitri, mon cher! Tout le monde manqué-” a small French woman dressed in fine robes stood close behind Bouvier and this time, Demitri actually did cringe. This was not someone he wanted to act as though he liked. Abela Dufront was an attention seeker and so it was no surprise to the prince that she spoke in the sweetest, sugariest voice she could muster. As soon as she began speaking, Demitri interrupted with his own greeting.

“Conseiller, madame, le plaisir est pour moi. Je ne m'attendais pas à quelqu'un de votre position doit être envoyé à m'accompagner ... tout est bien sur l'île?” The boy spoke in his native language, knowing that if he did not a chance to be overheard would become a problem. He wasn’t sure why his father had sent one of his trusted advisors to act as his parent; it wasn’t often that the king would simply let a key piece of his court leave. Demitri just hoped no one around them knew French.

Thankfully, Bouvier replied quickly. To Demitri’s dismay, it was because his father wanted a progress report. If he was less of a man, Demitri would have let the shiver that ran up his spine show. The only reason that his father would want a report is if something was wrong. Demitri could only guess at what it was and he knew that he would get no clues from the two in front of him.

“Well,” said Demitri, switching over to English for the first time that day. “Shall we go into the Diner?”

The pair looked at each other, but nodded. Abela linked arms, continuing to act like a doting mother while Bouvier stood slightly behind, observing as they walked through the door. Demitri let his eyes sweep over the room, taking note of people of interest. He spotted Olivia sitting in a corner with who he assumed was her family. He would have to sip away to say hello and introduce himself later. Assuming of course that he could slip away. The three sat a table and settled in for the introductory speech. An awkward silence fell over the trio and Demitri had to look away from the two seated across from him.

As he did so, the first thing his eyes fell on was, of course, Olivia. He cared about her more than he cared about himself. He still wasn’t positive about the two of them, it seemed like they were dating, but Demitri was still the same bashful person he had been the day he first met her. It was a subject that he didn’t want to approach. This time however, the sight he was viewing did not appear to be as happy as the mere moments he had seen before. Olivia was buried in the arms of the man beside her and it was clear to the Aquila that she was not okay. He quickly excused himself from the table, giving a reason that would hopefully keep the two from following him.

He moved over to the table and stood in front of the pair. A younger boy stared at him, and Demitri stared back, unsure of what to do. He thought briefly about walking away and letting Olivia’s family comfort her, but then the boy reached over and tapped Olivia on the shoulder.

Once Olivia lifted her head, Demitri’s eyes filled with concern. Her features were puffy and red (not that it made her any less lovely to him) and it was evident that she had been crying. Demitri wanted to find out what made her upset and right it, but simply he longed to comfort her and make sure that she was alright. The sixteen year old knelt down so that he was at her eye level.

“Olivia,” he said softly, holding his position. “Are you alright?”

OOC: Yay for more google translate awfulness! The translations are below and in order; don’t judge me for what GT did. I love you all.

Demitri? It is good to see you again young princeling, your parents send their greetings and wish you well.

Demitri, dearest! Everyone misses -

Counselor, ma'am, the pleasure is mine. I was not expecting someone of your position to be sent to accompany me... is everything well on the island?

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    • I could ride with you if you'd let me. — Demitri de Frère, Mon Aug 25 23:14
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