Anthony (and Tycho) Leppit
A bit of babysitting.
Wed Sep 17, 2014 16:33

“Please stop,” Anthony tried for approximately the eighty-seventh time, but his almost-two-year-old nephew did not seem bent on listening. Tycho continued to grab Anthony’s possessions and throw them as far as his chubby little arm could manage. It was hardly detrimental, since Anthony could simply Accio his items back, but that was still entirely annoying. “Come on, I said stop!” he added, swiping his water bottle back from sticky, stubby fingers.

This, it appeared, was a great mistake. Tycho gave a great wail as his latest plaything was ripped from his fingers, at which Anthony began to panic. His brown eyes darted around anxiously, seeking help from anyone in proximity, but it seemed he was on his own. Why did Addi think having her twelve-year-old brother watch her child was a good plan?!

Anthony fumbled over himself to offer the water bottle back, but Tycho was having none of it and smacked it out of his hand. “Oh, come on. Accio water bottle!” The bottle returned to him, and the sudden motion delighted Tycho such that his waterworks halted. “Oh, hey, you look that?” His nephew clapped merrily, and the Cetus wondered if maybe this was why he had been throwing his things to begin with.

With an understanding smile, he again offered the water bottle to Tycho, who tossed it aside and looked expectantly back. “Accio water bottle!” Again its return delighted the tot. “If you think this is cool, watch this. I can make it go the other way, too!” Anthony murmured a different incantation and sent the water bottle flying forward much more quickly than Tycho could have achieved. However, as luck would have it, someone passed their table right in time to enter the bottle’s flight path.

Anthony immediately rose and scurried to that side of the table, a sideways glance insuring Tycho was not about to escape his booster seat. “I’m sorry! Did that hit you?” He bent down to grab the bottle from the floor, presumably where it had bounced off the person. “But, uh, at least it was mostly empty, huh?”

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