Zach Drogan (Cetus)
More like Bottle-Flinging
Sat Oct 4, 2014 14:42

For the third time that day, Zach found himself at Finer Diner. No matter what he ate, he couldn’t seem to satiate his hunger. So he trotted in (again), journal in hand (again), and humming to himself (again). On his way there, he thought he heard a child crying their head off. He made a mental note to never have kids, even though he had about fifty others he had made in years past.

After the demon-spawn stopped wailing, he heard a laugh. He wasn’t too far away from the diner when he heard another person talking to who he assumed to be the child. When Zach entered the room, he saw someone talking to the child Zach heard earlier. He also spotted a nice table, and began to walk towards it. As he passed the other boy’s table, however, an object came flying towards him. He tried to move out of the way, but he wasn’t quite fast enough, and the object clipped his upper arm.

As Zach bent down to pick up the object, shown to be a water bottle, he noticed the other boy bend down as well, apologizing, and making a joke about it afterward. Zach chuckled a little, then nodded, “No no, you’re fine!” Zach waved his hand up and down by the wrist, as though he were shooing something away, but it was his way of dismissing a problem, even though the spot where the bottle hit his arm stung a little. He cast a wary glance toward the child next to the boy with the water bottle, then back to the boy. He gave a friendly smirk towards the boy, then walked over to the table next to him and sat down.

Zach cleared his throat, and prepared himself to engage a conversation, “Pardon my asking, but who is the child next to you?” Zach asked with a raised eyebrow, gesturing to the tyke.

  • A bit of babysitting. Anthony (and Tycho) Leppit, Wed Sep 17 16:33
    “Please stop,” Anthony tried for approximately the eighty-seventh time, but his almost-two-year-old nephew did not seem bent on listening. Tycho continued to grab Anthony’s possessions and throw them ... more
    • More like Bottle-Flinging — Zach Drogan (Cetus), Sat Oct 4 14:42
      • Can't it be both?Anthony and Tycho, Thu Oct 16 18:20
        Anthony was super relieved the boy wasn’t mad or anything about the bottle. He figured if it was him, he’d probably be at least a little annoyed (although if his assailant had proven to be hosting... more
        • It canZach, Wed Oct 29 17:48
          Zach knew the reason that the small infant named Tycho was laughing. He dropped his journal and it landed face up on the floor, and for whatever reason, this toddler thought that anything that went... more
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