Anthony and Tycho
Can't it be both?
Thu Oct 16, 2014 18:20

Anthony was super relieved the boy wasn’t mad or anything about the bottle. He figured if it was him, he’d probably be at least a little annoyed (although if his assailant had proven to be hosting such a fun kid like Tycho, he probably would’ve cooled down some. He had a bit of a soft spot for the little guy).

It was also pretty rad when the boy--whose name currently was escaping Anthony, although he had definitely seen him around and, in fact, was pretty sure was in his House--came and sat down with them, too. When he asked about Tycho, the second year grinned. “Oh, well, you might know Addi Leppit? She’s on staff, directs the musicals and stuff?” He wasn’t sure if this kid did theatre stuff, but since it hadn’t been all that long since Addi graduated herself, he might have remembered her from her school days. That was, of course, depending on how old this guy was; Anthony was pretty bad at figuring out ages.

“Addi’s my sister,” he went on, “and this is her son, Tycho. She leaves him with me a lot when she has to go to her other job on Pearl Street.” Jobs like Addi’s didn’t make a whole lot of money, although she somehow tended to have a bit more than Anthony would have thought would result from directing and waitressing. But whatever, that wasn’t his business anyway. And if her having a bit of extra cash meant treating him to ice cream occasionally--his favorite form of payment--well he wasn’t complaining.

Apparently something was funny, because Tycho began giggling to himself. “Oh, what’s that?” Anthony smiled to the two year old. “Am I funny?” Tycho clapped his hands, and his babysitter remarked to their new companion, “Heh, I guess I’m a comedian now.” It suddenly occurred to him that he hadn’t actually introduced himself, so he added a rushed, “Oh, I’m Anthony by the way.”

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