It can
Wed Oct 29, 2014 17:48

Zach knew the reason that the small infant named Tycho was laughing. He dropped his journal and it landed face up on the floor, and for whatever reason, this toddler thought that anything that went on the floor was hilarious. Or maybe he was laughing at the fact that Zach’s journal made a thumping noise that startled Zach enough to make him jump up from his seat and go into a fake Ju-Jitsu stance. It wasn’t actually all that fake, because Zach had taken martial arts before, but not anymore. Upon discovering the source of the noise, Zach relaxed, then dragged his hand down the length of his face in exasperation. “My apologies. I get easily startled. It’s a problem.” Zach explained to the kid now known as Anthony. “And, my name’s Zach.” He gave Anthony a smirk, then left to find something to eat, because as much as he liked Anthony’s company, food trumps any kind of human interaction.

Upon returning to the table next to Anthony and Tycho, Zach had acquired a piece of bread, a cup of tea, and a weird jelly thing that seemed like a good idea at the time, but after looking at it the entire walk back, Zach had begun reconsidering his life decisions. He started to poke it with a fork, and raised his eyebrow when it didn’t relinquish the fork easily. “So, uh, Anthony, have you seen any of the musicals or plays yet? I keep planning to go, but the dates and times always slip my mind, and I end up missing them. I really would rather be in them, but watching them is also just fine.” Zach wasn’t sure Anthony was into theatre as much as his sister seemed to be, but it was worth a shot, in Zach’s mind.

  • Can't it be both?Anthony and Tycho, Thu Oct 16 18:20
    Anthony was super relieved the boy wasn’t mad or anything about the bottle. He figured if it was him, he’d probably be at least a little annoyed (although if his assailant had proven to be hosting... more
    • It can — Zach, Wed Oct 29 17:48
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