Patience Anders
Letter for Chord
Mon Sep 30, 2013 13:29

Patience was lying on her bed, reading. She did that an awful lot, not really speaking to many people at RMI aside from her sister, Chord and Olivia. The fourth year supposed the issue was that not only did she not have much in common with most people, who seemed to either be that sort of pureblood who wouldn't give her the time of day or the sort of person who seemed to wish they could have stayed in the Muggle world and didn't honestly appreciate the gift they'd been given, but also the fact that, thanks to elementary school, Patience just plain didn't trust most people. Just because she hadn't had it as bad as Harmony, didn't mean it hadn't sucked.

And she probably had a reputation for being extremely pro-magic. People who did tended to be assumed racist and that wasn't fair. The Draco did not hate Muggles or everything Muggles created. She loved her TV, computer, MP3 player, Kindle, father and nephew. Not necessarily in that order. She often read Muggle literature, and the moment, was trying to work her way through The Silmarillion having read both Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit along with seeing both movies several times when she'd been at home. When she was away from RMI, Patience had no real desire to leave the house because A.She hated everyone there but her family, B. There was nothing to do, and C. Home was where the TV was. Besides, she had her own little cottage now that she shared with Strawberry and wanted to enjoy it. How many fifteen year olds sort of had their own place?

The Silmarillion was a really hard book to read too and she looked longingly at the pile of Walking Dead graphic novels and typical teen fiction, both magical and muggle, that she had sitting around. Patience was not at all snobby about what she read and if it appealed to her, she would read it. Normally, she would get a lot of these things on Kindle, but given that she couldn't take one to RMI, she needed good old-fashioned paper books too. She also had some nice true crime novels about including that classic, Helter Skelter . As for the book Patience was reading now, she was going through it story by story and taking breaks in between. As soon as she finished the next chapter in this book, she was grabbing the next Walking Dead novel. They were so...quick and easy to read.

It was odd. There were so many things out there that Patience just wasn't interested in. Sports. Cars-she'd never need one due to apparation anyway. Science and math. However, when it came to books, TV and music, she had varied, eclectic tastes. One of her favorite bands was one nobody had ever heard of apparently aside from herself, her own family-through her-and the creators of Moral Orel, which was where she'd heard of them. Also, Patience truly missed that show. When it came to TV, she'd watch American Horror Story and The Walking Dead, but also Glee-which was more her sister's thing, really-and a few things that she was really not proud of but couldn't turn away from the trainwreck of it all. She'd also taken a liking to the Netflix original, Hemlock Grove, even if the werewolf on the show looked a bit like Marshall and it had totally freaked Strawberry out during the changing scene where his eyes popped out. After that, the Cetus had refused to watch.

A now familiar owl swooped into the room and Patience grinned as it dropped a letter in front of her. She gave Strix a treat quickly and opened the letter, her smile only deepening. She never in her life thought someone would ask her out. At least not until at least college. The Draco quickly scribbled a note back.


Of course I'd love to go with you! Any ideas for costumes?


OOC-The author does not own The Silmarillion, LOTR, The Hobbit, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Glee. Moral Orel or Hemlock Grove. At least I didn't create them. I do have some on DVD or books.

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