Professor M. Clarke
Home sweet, home
Wed Nov 13, 2013 18:02

The Lyra common room was an array of colours, some of which you thought ought to clash horribly but somehow managed to look warm and inviting instead. It was as lively as itís inhabitants and equally as diverse with objects of all different sizes scattered across the vicinity, including a grand piano. One entire wall was covered by a breathtaking mural, the work Mary-Louise was sure, of a past student. She was eager to see them investigate the many rooms and facilities from photography darkrooms to art studios and sound proof booths. These kids better realise how lucky they were to have so much available to them. The Ravenclaw had certainly never had anything like this at Hogwarts!

Every emotion possible seemed to flicker across their young faces as they took it all in. Anxiety and awe both competing against the backdrop of a creative haven. Tired of standing she took possession of an armchair by the flickering flames of the fireplace, and though she hated to tear thoughts away from the wonderment she was thought they ought to be experiencing, Clarke grabbed their attention once more. ďIím sure you are all exhausted and Iíll admit to being a bit tired myself but if I could just borrow you all for a few more moments.Ē

The whispers finally ceased and when Mary-Louise felt confident that they were listening attentively she continued, ďYouíll find the girls dormitories to your right, boys to your left and I donít suggest trying to break into the others dorms. You will quickly find yourself face to face with the Headmaster before you have the chance to regret your stupidity. And I would hate to have to explain why my students were so reckless and ill behaved. Any bad behaviour will be punished- and the Headmaster isnít the only person you have to fear.Ē

She was a strong believer in staying strict but fair with children from day one. Otherwise they might get silly notions about who is the boss. ďOkay, Iím finished. If you have any questions donít be afraid to ask and you can explore for a while however I fully expect each and everyone of you to be in bed by eleven.Ē

She felt she was being quite generous given the current situation and intended to remain seated in her chair until that time so as to make sure there were no troublemakers. If she could stamp out any defiance and lack of respect for the rules early the rest of her year should prove to unexciting which sounded absolutely lovely to her.

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