Cara Amerina
Why do I always have to meet people???
Wed Nov 13, 2013 22:17

Cara ran to her room, which only took her a few seconds. She saw the names, Siana Blackbriar, Rosemary Stark and Cara Amerina. Well, at least she knew Rose. She hoped that Siana wasn't someone who would make fun of her for not being "in style" or whatever. She at least knew Rose would be nice to her.

She walked up to her room. She hoped to be the first one there, or at least before Siana. Rose was already there, setting up her stuff. Siana wasn't there yet, which meant that she could have time to plan what she was going to say. Or maybe she could pretend that she was sleeping, and that way she could at least put it off until tomorrow. She would have to decide soon.

She made her way into the room she walked over to Rose.

"Isn't it great that were roommates? What do you think I should do when I meet Siana. Should I introduce myself right away, or pretend to be sleeping?" Ugh. She sounded like a dumb coward. She could feel herself blushing, and hoped that Rose hadn't noticed.

"I mean, what are you going to do?"

  • Atleast I know one person [TAG: Siana and Cara]Rosemary Stark, Wed Nov 13 19:47
    The minute they were all dismissed to go wonder their house rooms, Rose was gone . She didn’t want to be around any of the others any longer, having been a shy non talkitive first year had probably... more
    • Why do I always have to meet people??? — Cara Amerina, Wed Nov 13 22:17
      • Because we're shyRose, Thu Nov 14 08:46
        Rose looked up when Cara walked it, pleased that it was someone she knew, and not the other girl. She thought about Cara's question. It would be a bit rude to pretend to be asleep, but she guessed... more
        • Waiting for SianaCara Amerina, Thu Nov 14 22:01
          Cara thought about Rose's answer. Well it was up to her. Now thinking back about it, it seemed a little rude to fake sleep. Plus, Cara wasn't even tired. She never got tired. She decided to wait with ... more
          • The wait is overSiana Blackbriar, Tue Dec 10 21:46
            A delighted smile pulled at Siana’s lips while she walked through the commons room to the girls’ dorm. Three delicate ribbons hung from her grip, the tiny sea shells clicked pleasantly together with... more
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