Drea Leroux
I Swear I'm Not a Baby...
Thu Nov 14, 2013 02:20

Drea had been awestruck to say the least when they'd passed the portrait and entered Lyra common room. Her eyes darted from wall to wall taking in the colorful splendor and reveling in all the wonderful things they'd get to do in their free time. She'd be excited to camp out on the Quidditch Pitch and had fallen into a sweet sleep each night; though unfortunately she'd missed talking to her tentmate. This was, of course, a time to make up for that and make new friends within her house. Drea didn't need to be urged to check out her room and begin to unpack her belongings.

Drea rushed to her room and did a little jig of excitement to open the first door on the way into the girls dorms. She threw open her trunk and immediately began to dig out her posters and keepsakes to decorate her area, tossing them onto her comforter. Her oldest brother, Luis, had given her a poster illustrating the orbits of the planets while including stats and little known facts about each one. The poster was unfortunately outdated as it still included Pluto, but it was the thought that counted. She tossed a spare pillow onto the foot of her bed and motioned for D'artagnon to take residence on it. The kitten sniffed the pillow before seeming to decide to explore elsewhere. "Okay, but if you get into trouble don't come crying to me" Drea warned and hurried back to grab her bear, Prince, from her trunk and place him on her bed to oversee the rest of her unpacking. She left Prince in her trunk over orientation to avoid getting dirt or grass into his plush fur.

She knelt by the trunk and her hands scanned over each item, moving aside textbooks and stationary, and searching under clothes for the tattered velveteen bear. "Prince... where are you?" She muttered pitifully and realized in horror that she'd left him on her bed to oversee her packing process back at home. Drea mentally kicked herself for being so stupid as to leave her closest friend and knit her brows together in a furious attempt to stop her lip from trembling. Was she 11 or 1, after all? But the attempt was in vain as she slid from off her knees and began wiping tears off her cheeks with the cuff of her sweater. Drea let herself cry, feeling very stupid and suddenly very alone.

    • I think you areSafire Hathaway, Tue Nov 19 11:26
      Safire stalked into her room, furious that she’d still have to share with another person. Two other persons, to be exact. She almost snarled at the sight of her roommate crying. How pittiful, she was ... more
      • And you are...Drea Leroux, Tue Nov 19 15:55
        Drea startled at the entrance of one of her roommates and stifled her sniffles and swiped at her face with the sleeve of her sweater. 'Maybe she won't notice' Drea wondered as the girl seemed content ... more
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