Because we're shy
Thu Nov 14, 2013 08:46

Rose looked up when Cara walked it, pleased that it was someone she knew, and not the other girl. She thought about Cara's question. It would be a bit rude to pretend to be asleep, but she guessed not everyone was raised to introduce yourself to your roommates before going to sleep. She didn't realize that she'd voiced said thoughts. She was pretty sure she hadn't talked.

"That's up to you, Cara. I think it'd be easier to get introductions out of the way. You never do know if you'll like her." She smiled softly. "After all, you like talking to me and we've only known eachother a week." She sighed and laid down on the bed, knowing that she was tired. It had been a long week and classes officially started tomorrow.

"And I'm going to stay up, it won't be much longer until she gets here, right?" She mumbled, her voice drowsy.

  • Why do I always have to meet people???Cara Amerina, Wed Nov 13 22:17
    Cara ran to her room, which only took her a few seconds. She saw the names, Siana Blackbriar, Rosemary Stark and Cara Amerina. Well, at least she knew Rose. She hoped that Siana wasn't someone who... more
    • Because we're shyRose, Thu Nov 14 08:46
      • Waiting for SianaCara Amerina, Thu Nov 14 22:01
        Cara thought about Rose's answer. Well it was up to her. Now thinking back about it, it seemed a little rude to fake sleep. Plus, Cara wasn't even tired. She never got tired. She decided to wait with ... more
        • The wait is overSiana Blackbriar, Tue Dec 10 21:46
          A delighted smile pulled at Siana’s lips while she walked through the commons room to the girls’ dorm. Three delicate ribbons hung from her grip, the tiny sea shells clicked pleasantly together with... more
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