Cara Amerina
Waiting for Siana
Thu Nov 14, 2013 22:01

Cara thought about Rose's answer. Well it was up to her. Now thinking back about it, it seemed a little rude to fake sleep. Plus, Cara wasn't even tired. She never got tired.

She decided to wait with Rose. After all, as Rose had said, Siana might be really nice and a good friend.

She stared intently at the door. Siana must be coming soon. Rose was apparently thinking the same thing.

"You know what, Rose? I think I'll wait up with you."

Rose seemed tired, so Cara decided that it was her job to keep her up. What would keep her up? Hmmmm. Did wizards have the same fairy tales as muggles? She doubted it. After all, most of them were about magic and were probably considered odd because of muggles' interpretations of magic. Oh well, she'd find out soon enough.

"Hey, do you want to hear some muggle stories? Most of them are about magic, so you might find them cheesy, but that's what muggles think of magic." Well that sounded confusing, but she had already said that. She waited for Rose's answer.

  • Because we're shyRose, Thu Nov 14 08:46
    Rose looked up when Cara walked it, pleased that it was someone she knew, and not the other girl. She thought about Cara's question. It would be a bit rude to pretend to be asleep, but she guessed... more
    • Waiting for Siana — Cara Amerina, Thu Nov 14 22:01
      • The wait is overSiana Blackbriar, Tue Dec 10 21:46
        A delighted smile pulled at Siana’s lips while she walked through the commons room to the girls’ dorm. Three delicate ribbons hung from her grip, the tiny sea shells clicked pleasantly together with... more
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