Safire Hathaway
I think you are
Tue Nov 19, 2013 11:26

Safire stalked into her room, furious that she’d still have to share with another person. Two other persons, to be exact. She almost snarled at the sight of her roommate crying. How pittiful, she was rooming with a crier. It wasn’t fair that she was stuck with a Crybaby. She couldn’t understand why people cried over nothing.

She stiffly walked over to her bed and started unpacking her items, her hand hovering over a teddybear that she’d forgotten she had packed. Why had she packed it again? Probably so no one else could touch it.

Signing softly, she glanced over at the crying girl. “What are you crying about?” she wondered, finding it difficult to speak with out scorn or a snarl. She could detect a hint of coldness in her voice, and she didn’t like it. It was more difficult to hold in her emotions than it had been before. She honestly missed her mother and friends that she’d made over the coures of orientation.

Anothy, though she could honestly say she wasn’t sure if the’d ever get a long.

Tammy, she didn’t like the other girl. She was to submissive to others.

Darcie, though she’d probably never see the elder girl again.

Aoife, though she’d made the elder most likely cry because she’d been so rude.

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