Drea Leroux
And you are...
Tue Nov 19, 2013 15:55

Drea startled at the entrance of one of her roommates and stifled her sniffles and swiped at her face with the sleeve of her sweater. 'Maybe she won't notice' Drea wondered as the girl seemed content to unpack her belonging, but their eyes met when the girl looked over and asked why is was that Drea was crying. "Nothing..." Drea asserted and wiped the last of her tears away, mentally kicking herself for hiccuping from her suppressed sobs.

Drea got to her feet and straightened the hem of her sweater out, 'No more crying now' she admonished and scooped up a steno pad to jot down things she would eventually have to write home for. D'artagnon would need the food the vet had suggested and Prince would need to be sent as well. "I'm Drea, by the way. I doubt I'll be in here much, but we should know who we're rooming with at least." She plaited her hair and dug around the contents of her trunk for her stash of hair ties, securing the braid with an appropriate green tie and allowing it to swing just behind her lower ribs. "I'll see you around, I think I'm going to get some work done before cerfew." And scooped up her potions textbook before shutting her trunk and striding from the room. She would need to make a stop in the bathroom to clean to dried tears from her face, but she wanted out of that room.

'That probably wasn't the best introduction,' Drea reasoned and settled her textbook onto the counter by the sink. 'Her roommate had walked in on her crying and then she'd been completely rude of the girl. Drea wiped at her cheeks and cooled her red eyes, promising to be more genial with the girl the next time they spoke.

  • I think you areSafire Hathaway, Tue Nov 19 11:26
    Safire stalked into her room, furious that she’d still have to share with another person. Two other persons, to be exact. She almost snarled at the sight of her roommate crying. How pittiful, she was ... more
    • And you are... — Drea Leroux, Tue Nov 19 15:55
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