Siana Blackbriar
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Tue Dec 10, 2013 21:46

A delighted smile pulled at Siana’s lips while she walked through the commons room to the girls’ dorm. Three delicate ribbons hung from her grip, the tiny sea shells clicked pleasantly together with each step she took. Her sister, Delyth, had given them to her after the opening feast and she couldn’t wait to wear them with her new school outfits.

The silky curtain of her ash blond hair was held back by yet another ribbon, this one a deep crimson edging towards black with tiny silver bells interwoven in the fabric making each step she took musical. With her hair back, her unique eyes dominated her narrow features. The right eye was a piercing ice blue, while the left was a rich chocolate brown. Together they gave the curious impression of both remoteness and warmth.

Nudging open the door, Siana glanced into the room and saw two strange girls waiting for her. She gave a diplomatic smile and entered to meet the girls she would be spending the year with. Last term had gotten her used to the idea of living with strangers, and everything had gone well enough. It was odd that she had new roommates, but Siana didn’t mind. It would keep things interesting. Perhaps she could help them out now that she was a second year.

Dipping into a delicate curtsy, Siana said, “Hello, my name is Siana Blackbriar, it is a pleasure to meet you.” The move drew attention to the delicate hand crafted slippers adorning her feet. The velvet shoes were embroidered with lilies, and matched her ribbon.

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