Ceridwen Shaw
What an excellent start...
Tue Dec 17, 2013 20:27

Ceridwen Shaw stood at the entrance to her new common room, chewing the inside of her lip. Everything was in full swing: a couple of students playing cards, various types of music assaulted her ears, (simultaneously, and out of key) and a small group of students were gathered around a notice board.
Missing the first few weeks was just her luck. Not only had she missed orientation and sorting, but by now everyone had to know each other already. Just brilliant.
It was so ironic. The very disease her parents her come to the US to research (dragging Ceri and her brothers along with them) had somehow infected their own daughter. Luckily, after a couple of scary (read: comatose) weeks, she was on the road to recovery.
She blew her now blue-tinged hair out of her eyes. This, the healers had said, was normal, and should fade over the next six months to a year. The large, black, raised lines twisting over her arms and back were another story.
Ceri pulled her robes over her hands. So, Lyra eh? She wasn't sure what to make of that. She knew Lyras had a reputation of being a bit strange, but hopefully the soundproofed practice room would allow her to practice her bass without bothering anyone. Bringing the thing over from Wales had been hell - her parents had insisted on flying by muggle means rather than use a group portkey, what with the twins being so young and not able to keep still. Baby was a deep red, with intricate black swirls over the body and neck. It was enchanted so that it didn't need an amp, and other than that it was a standard, muggle issue bass. And she loved it.
Ceri made her way into the room and dug out the common room map now to find her room...
The girl faltered. Her name didn't seem to be included in any room.

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