Charline Adler
We need to talk about Logan (TAG: Ren)
Mon Jan 27, 2014 17:02

It wasn’t easy finding a worthy candidate for Logan’s heart and eventually Charline, had been forced to admit that such a person did not exist at this small school. However, that did not mean she would just leave him to be devoured by Savannah! Beggars could not be choosers and so her friend would have to settle for the time being; until someone better came along.

After much contemplation it became clear that the timid Australian, Serenity Locke was the obvious choice. Logan, and she shared an interest in music and the two appeared to get along. Sadly, it had come to the point when these were all the requirements necessary to fit the bill. Proof, indeed that RMI was very poorly stocked. Although, at first their friendship had been a source of irritation to Charline, causing her fits of anxiety- the Lyra had been overwhelmed with an emotion she wasn’t yet ready to admit was jealously- and initializing an instant dislike of the other girl, this perception had now changed. As Darwin, had taught society you needed to adapt to survive. Charline had never been the best at adapting to situations but the was an emergency of the greatest importance!

The fourth year had taken to approaching the other girl with an air of familiarity, as though they were good friend. It was impossible for her to know if Serenity found this awkward and uncomfortable. Either way Charline, hardly cared. It was frustrating for her to put so much energy into someone and get nothing back and so there would be no pity for Serenity. So far the spineless kangaroo had not played her part very well and Charline was fidgeting on the sidelines waiting for her subject to make a move. It occurred to her that maybe she had misjudged the girl and she wasn’t the right choice after all however she was not yet ready to surrender to Savannah.

The petite fourth year sat facing the entrance to the common. On her lap there lay a small pile of books but she was not reading any of them. Each time someone approached she would jump a little and glance around hopefully only to end up disappointed. Finally, her patience appeared to pay off. Chin up and with a sweetly smile (she had been secretly practicing in front of the mirror) asked, “Serenity, is that you?”

Brushing back a loose curl she continued, “I have been hoping to run into you. I posses a collection of books I thought you may be interested in. Coincidentally, I have them with me now. Haha!”

It was difficult for the joy not to sound forced as she fought to keep her tone lighthearted. She held the stack of textbooks forward for Serenity to study. They were all on Sign Language and she was mostly finished with them but it would not be expensive for the Lyra to replace them. “I’m sure Logan would be only to happy to help you look through them. I understand you two are good friends and I’m sure you agree it would be a kind gesture to increase your knowledge further. A few are quite advanced and I’d offer to guide you myself only I have so much on; with tutoring my darling yet simple little brother and Logan would obviously be a much greater teacher. He is very patient and that is often rare to find in a boy.”

She flashed her teeth again and breathing in deeply allowing Serenity an opening to speak if she wished. Charline would be entirely happy to take over the conversation.

    • I can't do this right now.Serenity Locke, Mon Mar 3 16:43
      “Serenity, is that you?” Serenity froze and cursed internally. Ever since the Opening Feast, the Lyra had been trying her hardest to avoid both Charline and Logan. Of course, considering they were in ... more
      • Then when can you?Charline, Tue Mar 4 15:20
        When conversing with Serenity it was always hard to keep her eyes light and that sickening smile on her face. She was almost tired of herself. Although, Miss Kanga only had herself to blame. Charline ... more
        • Never.Ren, Tue Mar 4 16:55
          Serenity felt annoyed at how much Charline was digging. She clearly wasn’t actually interested in being any type of friends and Serenity had met her fair share of people who simply wanted to use her... more
          • Never say neverCharline, Tue Mar 4 17:34
            At first Charline had missed the harshness of Serenity’s tone and had thought they were actually getting somewhere. She almost felt relieved, a genuine smile cracking across the frosty surface of her ... more
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