Serenity Locke
I can't do this right now.
Mon Mar 3, 2014 16:43

“Serenity, is that you?”

Serenity froze and cursed internally. Ever since the Opening Feast, the Lyra had been trying her hardest to avoid both Charline and Logan. Of course, considering they were in the same age group, such had proved difficult. She hadn’t avoided them for any specific reason at first (well, at least not Charline, Logan was a different story), but Charline was making it hard. The younger girl seemed to be going out of her way to bump into Serenity, and the Australian was incredibly unnerved by it. She hadn’t known the girl before they had met at the Opening Feast and even then, Serenity had essentially been given the cold shoulder.

The Lyra had made no move to become friends with the other girl, but Charline seemed to have other plans. Serenity had no doubt that Charline had some ulterior motive. Any conversation that the two Lyras held, Charline without doubt brought up Logan. It was cause enough for Serenity to start avoiding her in earnest. Once it had been brought to her attention that Logan had a girlfriend, the fifteen year old had done her best to squish any feelings she had for the boy. All Charline tried to do was bring him up, making Serenity feel pretty insignificant. The Lyra wasn’t sure why Charline was so adamant about their mutual friend, but she didn’t like her. Now she was cornered and had no way out.

“I have been hoping to run into you. I possess a collection of books I thought you may be interested in. Coincidentally, I have them with me now. Haha!”

Serenity fought the urge to roll her eyes as she took the books from the other girl. She was waiting for whatever reason Charline had (because there was no way this was from the good of Charline’s heart) and was not disappointed when the girl continued on, once more bringing Logan into the topic. The Australian found herself nodding as Charline suggested that she go to Logan for help on learning the subject, which of course was ASL. Serenity thought quickly, struggling to find an excuse for why this was not a thing she wanted to do. Charline ended with some comment on how patience was hard to find in a boy and Serenity felt her shoulders sag slightly. She didn’t have time for this.

“Thanks for the thought?” said Serenity quietly, moving the books into the bag on her shoulder. The trip to her room to drop it off could wait; she swore the piece of paper in her pocket was burning a hole at this point. “Was there anything else you wanted” A glance at the clock told her she didn’t have much more time to dawdle about.

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    • I can't do this right now. — Serenity Locke, Mon Mar 3 16:43
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