Then when can you?
Tue Mar 4, 2014 15:20

When conversing with Serenity it was always hard to keep her eyes light and that sickening smile on her face. She was almost tired of herself. Although, Miss Kanga only had herself to blame. Charline found Serenity’s company draining. It took a lot of effort on her part, to seek Locke out and the girl was not as grateful as she ought to be. It would be refreshing if just once in awhile Serenity would come to her. She was going to have to get over her inferiority complex because as intimidating as Charline was nothing constructive could get done this way.

Serenity’s lack of enthusiasm was puzzling; because surely Logan must be her favourite topic of conversation. Poor girl, she didn’t have much going for her in the personality department but seeing as Logan wasn’t a big talker that shouldn’t be a problem. She forced herself to keep smiling although the corners of her eyes hardened slightly.

“Oh, no. Thank you. It was no trouble at all. I’m always looking for ways to help people increase their knowledge. In fact if you had any questions at all, about anything- anyone I’d be happy to answer them.”

Something seemed off about Serenity, more so than usual. She was impatient but Charline was impatient too. There was only so much banter the two of them could go through and still not get any results. “There is one thing you could do for me. If it is not too much trouble. I don’t have many girl friends, why I can’t be sure. But I can call you a friend, can’t I?”

She felt a little bit of her die when she uttered the lie but pursed her lips grimly and continued, “Might I talk with you? I’ve nowhere to be presently and thought I’d tag along with... uh whatever fun little thing you have planned.” It was clear she was not really asking permission.

If things did not progress quickly she might have to cut straight to the point and her bluntness was not always tolerated with good grace.

  • I can't do this right now.Serenity Locke, Mon Mar 3 16:43
    “Serenity, is that you?” Serenity froze and cursed internally. Ever since the Opening Feast, the Lyra had been trying her hardest to avoid both Charline and Logan. Of course, considering they were in ... more
    • Then when can you? — Charline, Tue Mar 4 15:20
      • Never.Ren, Tue Mar 4 16:55
        Serenity felt annoyed at how much Charline was digging. She clearly wasn’t actually interested in being any type of friends and Serenity had met her fair share of people who simply wanted to use her... more
        • Never say neverCharline, Tue Mar 4 17:34
          At first Charline had missed the harshness of Serenity’s tone and had thought they were actually getting somewhere. She almost felt relieved, a genuine smile cracking across the frosty surface of her ... more
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