Tue Mar 4, 2014 16:55

Serenity felt annoyed at how much Charline was digging. She clearly wasn’t actually interested in being any type of friends and Serenity had met her fair share of people who simply wanted to use her for their own purposes. Some were worse than others, but the Australian girl intended to play no part in any of it. Especially when it came to Charline. The Lyra was not oblivious to the fact that the younger girl was trying to set her up with Logan, no matter how she may simply brush off Charline’s suggestions. She just didn’t really act on it and the fifteen year old assumed that it was frustrating the Adler girl. After all, Serenity would have been irritated had someone not been taking advice on things.

As Charline continued on, Serenity began to wonder why she was actually putting up with this. Yes, she was generally a nice, quiet person. Did that mean she had some sign taped to her back that said ‘I’m a puppet; kick me in the direction you want me to go’? It was something Killian had always joked about, that she needed to always be guided. That she couldn’t make her own choices. There was only once that Serenity could remember that she had really stood up for herself and been something other than shy and obedient. It was the first time she had met Tucker, the person she was supposed to be meeting at Pearl Street right now. She’d felt so free and she’d had so much fun; she’d told herself that the quiet Serenity was gone. Apparently she’d lied to herself. The fifth year breathed for a moment, tuning out the other girl.

She wanted to be that person. The free confident young lady who took chances and wasn’t afraid to speak out loud. She’d been holding back and avoiding confrontation or so long that she had just let people push and pull her about like a ragdoll. Well it wasn’t going to be that way anymore. Serenity couldn’t let it be that way. She had been too weak or too long and it gave people the wrong impression. She needed to square her shoulders and take control of her own life, and that was exactly what she planned to do.

“There is one thing you could do for me. If it is not too much trouble.” Charline’s voice broke through Serenity’s thought process. “I don’t have many girl friends, why I can’t be sure. But I can call you a friend, can’t I?”

“I don’t know,” she said, eyes hardening as she strengthened her resolve to stop playing whatever game Charline was rolling. “Can you? Or do you just want me to hang around Logan until he “breaks up” with his current girlfriend and chooses me? That’s what you’re doing isn’t it? You don’t really want to be my friend, not many do so we’re in same boat at different ends.” Serenity took a breath, her anger and new found confidence spurring her on. “No one is friends with you because you’re only really for yourself, everyone else is inferior to you. You don’t talk to people, you speak at them and act as if every word from your mouth is something they should cherish. Well news flash for you, we don’t. But I feel sorry for you, I do. Because you’ll never be happy that way. I’ll be your friend when you can learn that you and me, we’re equal and you can’t use me just because of circumstance. I hope you learn that because life isn't going to treat you kindly if you don't.”

Serenity didn’t even glance at Charline again, she just turned around and walked out the door to the commons. She’d left a piece of her behind, the piece that would have cowered in front of Charline, possibly even stuttered a reply about how they could be friends, but they would have to hang out another time. But she had left it behind, and she wasn’t going back for it.

  • Then when can you?Charline, Tue Mar 4 15:20
    When conversing with Serenity it was always hard to keep her eyes light and that sickening smile on her face. She was almost tired of herself. Although, Miss Kanga only had herself to blame. Charline ... more
    • Never. — Ren, Tue Mar 4 16:55
      • Never say neverCharline, Tue Mar 4 17:34
        At first Charline had missed the harshness of Serenity’s tone and had thought they were actually getting somewhere. She almost felt relieved, a genuine smile cracking across the frosty surface of her ... more
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