Never say never
Tue Mar 4, 2014 17:34

At first Charline had missed the harshness of Serenity’s tone and had thought they were actually getting somewhere. She almost felt relieved, a genuine smile cracking across the frosty surface of her face. Yet the other Lyra hadn’t stopped there.

“No one is friends with you because you’re only really for yourself, everyone else is inferior to you.”

Charline’s mouth fell open and she started to protest only for it to snap shut again. She didn’t think that was a fair accusation. She wasn’t only concerned with her own well being (although anyone with any self dignity would wish to look out for themselves). She told herself that Serenity didn’t know her- she didn’t understand. All Charline had wanted was to help Logan, right? Savannah couldn’t be good for him and she was now seeing that Serenity wasn’t the answer either.

There was nothing wrong with being confident and aware of your strengths. Charline pouted and ignored the irritating voice in her head that liked to whisper her failings to her from to time. Her eyes felt itchy. Stubbornly, she ignored it.

Those who were close to her were blessed. Not simply because of Charline’s good breeding and all round brilliance but because she liked to think herself loyal. No one was allowed to badmouth her friends, excluding herself obviously, and shouldn’t that count for something?

In a daze, she watched the other girl charge away before she could build herself up enough to respond. Turning on her heel, she marched up the stairs to her dorm and slammed the door shut behind her.

Charline had all the friends she needed. Luckily, Serenity wasn’t one of them. Who would want to deal with that all the time? Poor, Logan. He didn’t even understand what the two-timing witch was truly like. She would make it her mission to educate him except Serenity’s words had hit her harder than she would ever admit. Perhaps, it was best she limited her intervention.

No. Then the Aussie would have won and if there was one thing Charline was not it was a good loser.

  • Never.Ren, Tue Mar 4 16:55
    Serenity felt annoyed at how much Charline was digging. She clearly wasn’t actually interested in being any type of friends and Serenity had met her fair share of people who simply wanted to use her... more
    • Never say never — Charline, Tue Mar 4 17:34
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