Logan Brophy
Breaking up is hard to do
Thu Aug 21, 2014 15:06

The nicest thing about RMI’s house elves was, Logan had recently discovered, that if you didn’t show up at the Finer Diner for every meal, they actually went out of their way to find you and see what was going on. Instead of eating the small stockpiling of chips and candy he kept in his trunk, Logan was treated to angel hair pasta with mushrooms, specially catered to his room. He’d thanked the house elves a lot, and since he couldn’t repay them any other way, offered to play a song for them whenever they wanted. The offer was met with a bowl of dark chocolate ice cream with raspberry truffles, and a very, very shy request for Danny Boy.

Logan liked the idea of that. He could play laments, and dirges, and moody Beatles music. He left his room to pay back their kindness with a concert in one of the practice rooms.

Who breaks up with someone the week before Christmas? John had pointed out that it was better than Christmas Day, or the week after Christmas—at least this way, Logan hadn’t had to give Savannah the present he’d gotten her—but Logan was mad at John and had decided that was a stupid sentiment. John was Savannah’s cousin and the person who had set them up, so he was half responsible for Logan’s heartbreak.

(Strictly speaking, that wasn’t true. Lia’d had at least as much a hand in their blind date as John had, but Logan wasn’t about to blame his precious sister for anything. He’d tried to keep his sadness away from her, since it seemed like after a year and a half she was finally starting to feel good again.)

The sixth year had just finished “For No One” when there was a knock at the practice room door. Logan frowned, unhappy with the interruption, but he picked his wand up from the music stand and cast the lock unlatched.

When the other Lyra entered, the blond gave a small wave. He didn’t feel much like signing because it reminded him of Savannah. But he didn’t feel much like talking either, since he never did. Mostly, he just wanted to eat chocolate ice cream and play sad songs on the harp. Couldn’t everyone just leave him alone?

    • At least you have me, to offer some comfortCharline Adler, Thu Aug 21 16:34
      It was not often, Charline indulged in unhealthy foods. She kept to a strict diet and although not a vegetarian, meat entered her system perhaps once a week. It was important that she keep track of... more
      • Lucky meLogan, Sat Aug 23 01:50
        Interrupting someone in the practice room was a bit of a faux pas, but it had happened to Logan before. There were only so many spaces for the Lyras to use, and when someone had been using one for... more
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