Charline Adler
At least you have me, to offer some comfort
Thu Aug 21, 2014 16:34

It was not often, Charline indulged in unhealthy foods. She kept to a strict diet and although not a vegetarian, meat entered her system perhaps once a week. It was important that she keep track of calories and more recently she had begun jogging in the morning. She realised that her approach to maintaining a healthy body and diet could be labeled obsessive. But she wasn’t going to mess with a system that worked. That was why Christmas brought with it surprises.

Her brother, Benjamin, had gifted her with a large selection of chocolates which she felt obliged to slowly work through. So far she had devoured half a bar of mint chocolate, the rest she had stored in the pocket of her robes where it would surely melt into a sticky disaster. However, the effort of casting a charm to prevent such an eventuality proved too much. It would give her an excuse not to eat the stuff after all. She slipped one last square in her mouth, failing to notice the small smudge of chocolate on her chin. Charline had consumed more than enough sugar for now and intended to spend the next few hours with the comforting presence of a good factual book on her lap. She had selected just the volume to start the reading session off, a lovely piece of work on popular jinxes in the 18th century.

Things did not work out quite as planned. She was on chapter three when she noticed Logan head off in the direction of the practice rooms. At first she attempted to ignore the brief interruption but she found it impossible to focus on the words swimming in front of her. The book slammed shut, and she was soon strutting down the same path Logan had chosen. The two had hardly interacted since midterm had come to an end. Her friend had been a as of late. Certainly, he seemed much more withdrawn than usual and despite herself, Charline had grown concerned. Concern was not something she frequently acted on, but she brought her hand to her pocket and recalled the other surprises as of late. Perhaps, she should say hello.

She pushed down on the handle, only to find it would not budge. Irritated, she tapped on the door. It was only when she took him in, that the Lyra realised she had been afraid of finding him in a heap, crying on the floor. Charline was relieved and angry simultaneously. How dare he make her worry!

Lips pursed she demanded, “What are you doing locked away in here?”

Relenting, she added in a softer voice, “Don’t you need an audience if you’re going to play some music?”

  • Breaking up is hard to doLogan Brophy, Thu Aug 21 15:06
    The nicest thing about RMI’s house elves was, Logan had recently discovered, that if you didn’t show up at the Finer Diner for every meal, they actually went out of their way to find you and see what ... more
    • At least you have me, to offer some comfort — Charline Adler, Thu Aug 21 16:34
      • Lucky meLogan, Sat Aug 23 01:50
        Interrupting someone in the practice room was a bit of a faux pas, but it had happened to Logan before. There were only so many spaces for the Lyras to use, and when someone had been using one for... more
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