Lucky me
Sat Aug 23, 2014 01:50

Interrupting someone in the practice room was a bit of a faux pas, but it had happened to Logan before. There were only so many spaces for the Lyras to use, and when someone had been using one for more than thirty minutes, barging in might be the only way for you to get some practice that evening. This was especially true when auditions were around the corner. Talent show signups had just gone up, so Logan figured that condition applied.

He still hadn’t decided what he was going to play. He had a feeling that he should wait a few months, because he couldn’t think of non-dreary songs he wanted to play at the moment. Maybe “Norwegian Wood”…no, wait, he burns down her apartment at the end. Granted, I’m not gonna sing along, but still… Logan had a feeling a few of the staff were definitely Beatles fans. There were enough Muggleborn students that some of them had to know the fab four. Heartbroken sixties songs were probably out if he didn’t want people to know.

Having expected an underclassman toting sheet music, Logan was thoroughly nonplussed when he unlocked the door and Charline strutted in. What could she want in the practice room? Her demand struck him even more speechless than normal. Logan waved his left hand vaguely at the harp as explanation.

Don’t you need an audience if you’re going to play some music?” He must be hallucinating—Charline hadn’t sounded sympathetic for a second, had she?

Logan set the wand back on the music stand and sank back onto his stool. What the hell was he supposed to say to that? Gee, you’re right, Charline. That’s why you hear about musicians giving concerts the first time they play new music, because you have to have an audience. He raised his hands to answer, and then let them fall back into his lap. “Just practicing,” he said aloud. As always, his voice sounded low and sandpapery. Logan rocked the harp back onto his shoulder. “You can stay if you want.”

  • At least you have me, to offer some comfortCharline Adler, Thu Aug 21 16:34
    It was not often, Charline indulged in unhealthy foods. She kept to a strict diet and although not a vegetarian, meat entered her system perhaps once a week. It was important that she keep track of... more
    • Lucky me — Logan, Sat Aug 23 01:50
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