Tillie McKenzie
In a bad mood.
Wed Sep 3, 2014 02:14

This was Tillie's last year at RMI and next year, she didn't know where she was going to be but it wouldn't be here. Nor would it be with her parents back on Squahalasha Island. She was never ever going back there, and she was glad. The Lyra missed-and worried about- her mother though, whom she never heard from. That hurt too, but she knew it was her father's doing. Tillie seriously hated him, more than she'd ever hated anyone, including that piece of *cucumber* Reece Campbell.

She felt no empathy for the man losing his daughters, he'd never wanted them anyway. He'd wanted boys and now had nothing. No more than he deserved.The seventh year felt nothing but anger towards him. An amount that actually surprised her, but he was a real *apricot*.

Tillie slumped on the couch, another "bad" habit she'd picked up here. According to her father, she'd never had anything but those and had just picked up more at RMI. Now that she was away from him, she just wanted to do those things more. He couldn't touch her here. That son of a *broccoli* could never hurt her or her sister again. Just her mother and that made her sick because her mother would have no escape the way she and Brida had.

At the moment, she was bored and apathetic, wanting to do nothing. Apparently that was a bad thing, as it made her stew about things. Tillie didn't feel like she could help it though, nothing really appealed to her, not reading and certainly not studying. She didn't even feel like writing anything. She hadn't for two weeks-and when she had, her writing had taken on a dark tone. The Lyra was free to write all she wanted now without getting in trouble and she didn't even feel like it!

What Tillie really wanted was Riley. There was nobody else here she liked as much. Nobody in the world really. She was very attached to him, and with him was really where she wanted to be after graduation.

And right now, she just wanted to lean on him, she felt she was on an emotional roller coaster-and it was making her sick to her stomach.

    • In a good mood!Riley Finn, Tue Sep 9 11:04
      Riley Finn had been a ghost at RMI this year and it was for a few very important reasons. One, he spent so much time working at the diner he had started at last term. The second reason had been he... more
      • Maybe it'll be contagiousTillie, Thu Sep 18 12:13
        Well, ask and you shall recieve. It was almost as if Tillie had summoned her friend just by thinking of him. Not that that always worked, as she thought about Riley a lot and he didn't show up every... more
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