Maybe it'll be contagious
Thu Sep 18, 2014 12:13

Well, ask and you shall recieve. It was almost as if Tillie had summoned her friend just by thinking of him. Not that that always worked, as she thought about Riley a lot and he didn't show up every time. She knew he was busy, but really, she wanted to spend more time with him. Especially given this was their last year. Tillie wanted to be around him as much as possible.

She managed a smile, for him if nothing else. The Lyra might not have liked her upbringing much, but some things were ingrained in her anyway and one of them was pleasing men. Hers was a completely patriarchal culture and she had to be respectful to them and do what they wanted, rather it be a father, a brother or a husband. Even a second cousin like Jervon. Besides, unlike her father, whom she could not respect, Tillie really actually liked Riley.

And being with him always cheered her up anyway. Being around her friend just made everything better. She supposed that was typical of friends in general, she hadn't really known what that was like until she got here. Tillie had always been...sort of different from the others at home that were her age and that had only increased since going to RMI. That was not acceptable on Squahalasha Island where conformity was not just important, but mandatory .

Her life in England was also an influence. Other than Riley, Vincent was the best man she'd ever met. Not only was he good to Brida, but he'd rescued them both. Tillie had never previously heard of the place, but she loved it. Plus, it was next to Ireland, where Aoife and cows lived. Though she spent more time with Riley and Aoife with her other friends, she still considered her a friend too.

"I'll try." Tillie replied. "How have you been? I haven't seen you as much lately." She missed him and if she wasn't with him next year, she would miss him more. She knew he was going to New York City to be a performer and that sounded like an amazing place to go, a place she wouldn't mind being. Plus, she was sure she could be a writer there.

  • In a good mood!Riley Finn, Tue Sep 9 11:04
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    • Maybe it'll be contagious — Tillie, Thu Sep 18 12:13
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